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"10 - Songs of Ben Bullington" available!

It's in stores, on ITunes, and available at www.darrellscott.com. It's lovely and would make Ben so proud.

It's here!

I just got a box of promo cds of Darrell Scott's new release - 10 - Songs of Ben Bullington. It's amazing and will be available everywhere May 19th. There are two shows only for this release - one in Nashville on release day and one in Bozeman on June 5th!

Exciting news

Darrell Scott has just announced he'll be recording 10 of Ben's songs for a spring release. What an honor..http://theadvocate.com/entertainment/allentertainment/10806874-123/darrell-scott-wraps-up-2014

Summer Music

Ben played a great set at Red Ants Pants and looks forward to seeing everyone at the Sweet Pea Festival in Bozeman August 3rd!

July in Montana

Ben's at the Red Ants Pants Festival today - his third trip up to the cool stage in a cow pasture. We're hoping to see a lot of friends there..and next week it's a new festival for us - Bozeman's Sweet Pea!

August, 2011

Great summer so far! Ben played with his brother Andy and I at the Red Ants Pants Music Festival in his old hometown White Sulphur Springs. The show was great...people loved the set and he joined Micky and the Motorcars, Rodney Crowell, Martha Scanlan and the Trishas for an acoustic extended encore after the power went out! In Challis, Idaho last night at the Braun Brothers Reunion, Rodney Crowell introduced Ben from the stage and brought him up for a song, which was very well received. So many people came up in Idaho to talk about the Red Ants Pants Festival - great job, Sarah! Thanks for your support on the video - it's on YouTube if you haven't seen it yet - or right on this homepage.

Roots Chart

Hey, friends. Check out Ben on the Roots chart - this is exciting. He entered the chart at 39, jumped up to 30 and is now at 34. Being in the top 40 is JUST fine with us. Call your local radio and request the cd - or spread the word. We so appreciate it and hope to see you on the road soon. Here's the link! http://www.rootsmusicreport.com/index.php?page=charts&name=tradcountry


What a wild year. Ben is getting ready to do three shows with good friend and sometime producer Rodney Crowell in Montana. Whenever Rodney comes to Montana, we know there will be fun and great music for everyone. Show 1 - Dec. 9th at the Gallatin Gateway Inn, just outside Bozeman. Show 2 - Dec. 10th at the Missoula Winery and Event Center in Missoula. Show 3 - the Old School Theatre in Livingston, MT on Sunday, Dec. 12th. Ben will open all these shows. Thanks for your support. I remember looking at the plays button up above and worrying when it was hovering around 300. In just a few short months, it's over 1600 - and Ben is selling cd's worldwide. So - thank you all. Every time you tell someone about this music and they listen, it matters. We hope there will be some more Montana shows in January, and maybe a few little tours we will announce soon. Ben is writing some music with Bill Payne of Little Feat these days and just enjoying all the good things coming his way. His tour with Storyhill in October was great fun. The inside tip - SECRET fun show for Montana people. Saturday, December 11th - the Hooligans are booked at Pine Creek Cafe. Special guests include Bill Payne and Rodney Crowell and probably Joanne Gardner...and Ben will most likely join for a chorus or two. Come on out, but don't tell anyone! Joanne