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It's time to grab your lighters, boys and girls, and get to the nearest computer screen; the Northwest's indie artists of today are back to lift your spirits with the drug-induced "High So High" music video from their self-titled debut album. Boise's hottest underground hip-hop act, The Pleasantville Killerz, continue to push the envelope with their new video that deliberately goes out of it's way to promote the consumption of marijuana, which is, in fact, still illegal in Idaho.

The clips are filled with a smokey haze and littered with paraphernalia, and in almost every scene the duo is accompanied by several glassy-eyed extras helping to suck up the smoke. And, while the two insist that "no real marijuana was used to make the video", somehow, we're not believing them.

"High So High" is only the second video to be entirely self-produced and released by the MasterMindz Entertainment team, and was actually released a little over a year ago, right around the time of the debut album release. However, the video recently found its way onto the popular WorldStarHipHop video blog site, as well as numerous others, which has given it a new surge of popularity among online hip-hop bloggers. In the first week, the video received over 40000 views, an impressive number for an artist with no major label backing.

This laid-back smoker's anthem features DJ Flow, Boise's most prominent hip-hop DJ since the days of Mad Ro, doing what he does best; tearing up the turntables, using samples from classic Notorious B.I.G. and Snoop Dogg records.

The song and video are for entertainment purposes only, and are not intended for children. MasterMindz Entertainment and The Pleasantville Killerz would like to assure you that they in no way condone the use of any illegal drugs, and the opinions expressed in the video absolutely do not reflect the views of the company or individuals involved in it's production... Right.

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