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Do you want more people to know about Enochian Theory?

You can now help the band with their Online Promotion Fund. Donate what ever you want to…As much or as little as you like...

If you donate £10.00 or more you can request a SIGNED PHOTO from the band. Just enter your postal address in the section provided on the Donation Form.

All money donated will be used to bring Enochian Theory’s music to new people via different promotional activities.

These Include:

- Adverts on Social Media Websites such as Facebook.

- Airplay / Adverts on Music Websites & Players such as Last.fm & Spotify

- Recommended/Featured Music Videos on YouTube.

- Adverts on Music Zine Websites.

In this constant changing and difficult "Music Industry" more and more bands are becoming "Fan Funded". Directly from the people who matter, people like YOU!!

By donating to the Enochian Theory Promotion Fund, you really will be making a difference to the growth of the band & exposure of the music....

To make a donation just follow the link below...


All transactions are secure and are handled by PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to make a donation.

Thank You Very Much For Your Support...