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Friday June 6 – Day 37

Friday afternoon is here and nothing exiting to report. We got to take Sandy’s Lincoln Town car to the gig in Medina. It was nice to be chauffeured around. Phil and Sandy treated us like kings and queens for the whole week. We love them both heaps! We got to the gig about 8:45pm and started to set up for playing at 10:00pm. It always seems that there is going to be one problem or another with the house PA especially when it is not a good one. It wasn’t horrible; JBL speakers and some kind of Peavey mixer with the power amp built in. But the problem arises when one side of the powered mixer is used for the monitor so you have to bridge the connections and there are switches on the front and back to deal with. Then there is the other thing when one of the channels doesn’t work and it takes ages to figure out what the problem is. But, I did manage to get the PA working in stereo and all was good. It was a bit slow after 10:00 but as the night went on it got packed! So around 1:00am the joint was cooking and we were into our open C tuning set. We got a lot of compliments and made some new fans. We finished playing around 1:45am and it was about 2:30am when we finally had the car packed, last drinks with the owner and ready to go home. We kept Phil and Sandy up till 3:15pm, the latest they stood up for about 30 years! Very funny... Oh, did I mention free drinks the whole night as well as paid?! And one thing I like about the bars here in the US is the endless pretzels and snacks they put on the bar for the punters to eat. Aussie pub owners take note. The more they eat the more they drink! SALT..


Thursday June 5 – Day 36

Remind me not to eat pizza and Buffalo wings... paying for it this morning. Digestive system ain’t what it used to be. I (Paul) got a call this afternoon from an old mate Louis LaVilla. He used to be my drummer from the 1960’s band The Blues Union. He is a great drummer and friend still. So, we will visit him tonight. We got to Lou’s about 7:00pm. He lives in a suburb of Rochester called Webster. What a night! It was like all those years never passed. We chatted for hours about the various bands we were in and the past friends we used to know and drank coffee and had plenty of treats to eat (as Italians always do when there are visitors). We met his lovely wife Chris and got to know her. As the night went on we had a little something to alter our states at about 11:30pm and at around 12:00am, feeling anxious to play, we went up to his recording studio and played and recorded a song Jo had written before we left Australia. He had his drums set up and some guitars and a bass available to play along with some vocal mics set up. What a buzz! We could have stayed all night (and morning long) but we did have to go when it got to 4:00am. I did have my brothers Lincoln MKZ so I had to get it back to him. Before we left Chris gave us an old Italian family recipe book that they had made into hard cover. It’s always about food in an Italian family and a fantastic recipe book! We didn't hit any deer on the way home (the drive was through the country) and it was home and off to sleep then get ready for the gig tomorrow night.


Wednesday June 4 – Day 35

Cousin Glenn came over for a visit. We had a nice long chat and he brought over a couple of mic stands and cables for the gig on Friday. Pizza and Buffalo wings for dinner. Relax....


Tuesday June 3 – Day 34

Happy birthday to us! Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It’s wonderful to know one has so many friends!


Monday June 2 – Day 33

Got up at 12:00pm and had some vanilla coffee from the Keurig pod machine and Jimmy Dean egg, sausage and cheese croissants for brekky. After that we went to see Paul’s mom chauffeured around in the Lincoln. Looking forward to a do nothing day. We went to Red Robin for a gourmet burger and endless steak fries for dinner. What a concept; endless fries. Fortunately, the second round of fries was enough. Got back to Phil’s and relaxed for the night with a bottle of wine. Goodnight.


Sunday June 1 – Day 32

Slaw dogs for brekky! Geezuz.... but good. All packed up and ready to go but no where to go yet. So it’s tele time watching Hall of Fame indoctrinating Bruce Springsteen and the E street band and Nirvana and watched a Wings concert. Now.. just waiting to get to Atlanta airport. See you on the flip side. We went through security without a hitch. We were apparently pre-checked so it was a breeze going through. We made the 8:30pm flight last night with no problems and it was a 2.5 hour flight to Rochester. We got our bags and Paul’s brother Phil picked us up and drove to his house about 15 minutes away. After a long chat we went to sleep.


Saturday May 31 – Day 31

Up and at em, sandwich for breakfast and more coffee....then a walk along the golf cart track to the bridge lots of squirrels or tree rats as they are commonly known. The two chipmunks that live in the down pipe outside the dining room/kitchen window are my favorites ..very cute. Hot and sweaty from a walk in muggy weather. Threatening clouds perhaps a thunderstorm in the making ...it is the sign after all. At 4:00pm it poured down puddles everywhere and it didn't look like it was going to stop. Oh no! Coldersac party on hold... but as quick as the rain came it went. BBQ running nonstop with dogs and Brazilian sausage at Mike & Sue’s (Pierre’s neighbor) and others supplied the salads, breads and other stuff. Got stuffed on slaw dogs and sausages and salads and chips (boy are we gonna get fat) and Coronas before we play. For desert Mike (who owns a frozen yogurt business) gave us all a taste of the different yogurts he sells in little cups. Mmmmmmmm.....We moved the PA gear into Pierre’s house after the downpour, thank God it was covered, before we stuffed ourselves. We had us a home concert for the coldersac residents and had a blast. We even sold some CD’s! After it was all over we looked on the Delta internet site for the flight to Rochester on Sunday. The morning flights looked to be all booked so we elected to catch the 8:30pm flight that had seats available. Around midnight I had a hankerin for another slaw dog so we went over to Mike & Sue’s house to see if they were still up. Woohoo... still up so it was slaw dogs and another fun time for all! Lol... Another day in paradise.


Friday May 30 - Day 30

We were up again about 12:30pm and had some left over lasagna for breakfast. After that we set up the PA and gear in the living room so we could test it out for tomorrows Coldersac party. It’s actually cul de sac but it got christened Culdersac by a neighbor Bob from our last party two years ago. We had a good practice and the PA sounded good so looking forward to tomorrow’s festivities. Mike who lives next door is going to supply some frozen yogurt from his business TCBY here in Peachtree city. It looks like it’s going to be a fun day if it doesn't rain, although the forecast says rain lol. We’ll make do somehow though. Everyone in the cul de sac is looking forward to the party! Hot dogs and everybody is bringing salads ...If it rains we will move it inside. Fingers crossed it stays dry for a couple of sets ...


Thursday May 29 – Day 29

After we get up (about 1:00pm) we decide we need a PA for the Coldersack party on Saturday. Now, Pierre has a work mate called Scott who just happens to have a little Peavey setup. So we think Pierre gets the directions to his place about 45 to 60 minutes away aNd we are on our way. Well.... I see a turn off to the left and I say I think we should follow that road but Pierre says he thinks he knows where he is going so I say OK. So, about 30 miles later he says “I don’t know where the hell I am” lol... So I get out my phone and use the navigation (under instructions from Jo) so we finally get the right way to get there. It was a beautiful drive through the outback of Georgia though, so all was not lost (pardon the pun). We picked up the PA from Scott and we get the GPS again to follow the way home. It was a lot shorter trip this time! Back home we drop off the PA and head off to Chick-Fil-A for some home town chicken and waffle fries and peach milkshake. Yummmmmm. After that we drop off his son Marco to his moms and we are on our way to Susan’s house. Susan is another friend of Pierre who’s a supervisor for Delta Airlines. She has a beautiful three story log cabin in the woods that has a private lake fed by spring water. Buffalo wings, beer, pizza and good ole southern hospitality was the order for the day. Susan is a really nice southern gal and so in appreciation we played her a personal concert in her living room. She was quite impressed and invited us over again next time we are here to have a house concert where she will invite heaps of friends. We left there about 11:00pm and headed home. It was a very long day and we were exhausted....


Wednesday May 28 – Day 28

Another 1:30pm wake up. Getting back to normal now! Not a whole lot going on today. We went to America Thrift Shop to look for some bargains. I picked up a couple of CD’s, one by Todd Rundgren and one by the Tea Party for $1.00 each. Jo picked up a nice top and some sundries. We did a bit more shopping for the lasagna dinner Jo is going to make tonight and we will see what’s up for the evening. Well, Jo made some great lasagna (again) and all is good..... Watched some ice hockey for awhile and went to bed.