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Coming across the Country

After spending the Winter in Maui, HI we booked our first self-promoted tour across the country. While in Maui performing at the Barry Fest fund raiser for Manao Radio we meet Mark Keys how has become a good friend of ours. We booked Northern California with Mark and had a blast performing for some really great people in Arcada and Ukiah. BrownChicken took the stage 8 times in 5 days and then drove south to San Diego. We performed twice in San Diego before heading to Tempe, Arizona to perform with the Sugardrops at the Sail Inn - great venue with a good sound man. The next two shows one at the Hotel Monte Vista and Burts' Tiki Lounge in Albuquerque we had great audiences and some of the most hospitable treatment on the tour. We had the privilege to meet and perform with the Porter Draw and the Saltine Ramblers before we all meet up in Ramah New Mexico for the Road to Rich's Festival. Before pulling in to Rich's on Thursdays night the band drove up to Denver to make two dates at Quixote's True Blue and Dulcinea's 100th Monkey. This part of the tour was double sided because in between shows we took the time to go see some incredible sights including the Black Canyon, Slide Rock, the Petrified Forest, the Painted Desert, and the Hopi Ruins... truly inspirational. From the desert we made it through the plains to Tennessee to work on a live broadcast with WDVX Blue Plate Special. We always enjoy playing on the air live, I don't know why but it has a special place in out music. We perform on the radio often this year and have acquired some great recordings. Here in Tennessee we met the Dirt Daubers from Kentucky... and those guys are awesome! The next day we played at the Preservation Pub with Brian McGee and Hollow Speed. Brian writes great songs and the band is tight. We will end the tour with two shows in our home towns The Wild Bean in Lewisburg and The Tamarack Theater in Beckley. Once the tour is over we will go to the studio and record our second album "Gallop On You". With the release of our new album we will continue to perform in Appalachia and prepare for our return to Maui in December. Please feel free to contact us for inquiries and comments at brownchickenbrowncowstringband@gmail.com