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There are A LOT of Punk bands in Indonesia! Cool!

I won

I won, Hail to the King (or Pope, if U know me old skool), Baby. I gave "rumblefish" my mighty rumblefist (no lube)!

" Dear bobogolem,

rumblefish has reviewed your dispute and released its copyright claim on your video, "Gonna Build Me a Graveyard of My Own". For more information, please visit your Copyright Notice page

Sincerely, - The YouTube Team"

false copyright claim against 1 of my songs

I just received this email from youtube; "Dear bobogolem, Your video "Gonna Build Me a Graveyard of My Own", may have content that is owned or licensed by rumblefish, but it’s still available on YouTube! In some cases, ads may appear next to it. This claim is not penalizing your account status. Visit your Copyright Notice page for more details on the policy applied to your video. Sincerely, - The YouTube Team" I took the title from a folk/blues song that is AT LEAST 100 years old & made up most of the music & lyrics myself! I have never even heard of "rumblefish"! On top of that, I posted this song 2 years ago! Utterly ridiculous!!! I contested their spurious claim!


Apparently "rumblefish" is in the business of making false claims against public domain as well as other peoples' legitimate material on youtube! http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20120425/00115218642/how-rumblefish-ended-up-claiming-copyright-song-uploaded-band-who-actually-held-copyright.shtml




I need to find a way to publicize the inequity of their claim, especially based on their previous attempts

ANY SUGGESTIONS? Also, plz feel free to repost this anywhere you think would be helpful. It's difficult enuff to live the life of an artist w/out having people /corporations stealing my work! Thx, bobo

If you leave something somewhere

"If you leave something somewhere, something will sit on it." ~Karl Pillington

9/11 - 12/23 2001

Thinking back to 9/11, I recall the horror, the disbelief, the insecurity I felt for my child, who was then in 1st grade. Then came the realization that Bu$H would be an embarrassment & total failure as Prez, eventually , he proved himself & his cabinet to be as evil as our "enemies" through lies, deception, elimination of personal freedom & torture. 9/22, just 11 days after the attacks was my father's 75th birthday, which was celebrated in an awkward, uncomfortable sort of way, It was the best we could do given the ominous underpinnings of the nation then. On 12/23, my father died of complications in treatment of Multiple Myeloma. He was the only member of my childhood nuclear family that I truly loved & with his death, the family connectivity died as well. For 10 years, I have remembered these events chained together this way. It was the saddest time of my life up to that point. Many things have happened in the past decade, a lot of good, some bad. The most valuable lessons I learned were the power of hope, never to be knocked down so hard that I can't get up, & cherish all that I love cuz it'll all be gone someday.

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

So sad to hear that the Sleepytime Gorilla Museum is indeed closing its doors for good. o):ε(()

social nutwork

just watched The Social Network and, not knowing anything about the history of facebook as a company, or its founders, I must admit to surprise at the portrayal of the main character as exhibiting behavior akin to Pathological Antisocial Personality Disorder w/ a spalsh of Asperger Syndrome. Oddly enough, his personality, or lack thereof, brings up an unfortunately familiar & recent pimple on the ass of my life, that of Jayscum Egoon, flounder of the Fright Dump haunted house. Not in the sense of being a success in business, but the terrible emptiness, immaturity, vapidity, & gracelessness of spirit were awkwardly familiar, also the blind drive to achieve something which was entirely dependent on a large, competent group to accomplish, none of whom are bestowed w/ appropriate acknowledgment, compensation, or appreciation for the absolute necessity of their contributions in light of the founder's essential failings aside from intellectual theft and simple idea mongering. The film was enjoyable & fast paced, despite it's veritable cornucopia of extremely annoying & pathetic characters.

COPY ME ~ R. Stevie Moore Tribute Album Box set

COPY ME ~ R. Stevie Moore Tribute Album Box set

Yay, the volume of COPY ME ~ R. Stevie Moore Tribute Album Box set containing my tribute is finally coming out. I was starting to worry. I am in good company tho, cuz I share my attendance on Vol. VII w/ the GREAT Ralph Carney!!! TY, Mr. Moore!!!

VOLUME SEVEN - "WHAT? ME SIGH?" (78:35) 1. Play - Rachel and the Ratnerds (1:57) 2. This Wednesday - Orville Stoeber (1:30) 3. What? Why? - Tony Ezzy (3:05) 4. 2 Blind Mice - Chantilly Poop (0:43) 5. So Much Personality - Rancho Solar (4:46) 6. Just Another Sigh - Doublehorse (1:36) 7. Empolyees Must Wash Hands B$ Returning to Work - Ralph Carney (4:13) 8. Where We Are Right Now - Throwing Moses (1:47) 9. SMEDLEY - Jeff Eliassen (6:35) 10. She Don't Know What to Do with Herself - Jeremy Blum (3:02) 11. Misplacement - Rare Goat (3:28) 12. I Could Be Your Lover - Pete Spero (2:59) 13. Records - Dee Konstruktivist (2:09) 14. Irony - The Vernon Howl Group (1:50) 15. Zebrajellytots 29 - Ludwig Von Flobberhausen (6:16) 16. Everyone But Everyone (live) - Duf Davis and the Book Club (1:33) 17. Jump Out in Front of a Car - Sissy Spaced & the Presidents (0:59) 18. Part of the Problem - Powdered Cows (3:04) 19. Showing Shadows - Mark Bowen (3:08) 20. Hug Me - The Oshun Oxtra (3:04) 21. Advertising Agency of Fucking - Magnetic Dog vs. Tony Panther vs. SsM (3:06) 22. She's Dead - Mark Stanley (3:11) 23. Copy Me - Burkley Sauls (3:50) 24. let's break up the band and put on r. stevie moore - jssfrk (1:34) 25. Waiting 4 Life 2 Stop - Bobogolem (9:01)

..due OUT MON 11th OCT

PS, What does the title mean?

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CD Baby

my page is up, http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/bobogolem

Gonna Build Me a Graveyard of My Own

Underground gallows humor &... Eccentric, emotionally evocative, humorous, long form improvisation and deconstruction of popular song forms specifically within the genres of Americana & World music.

spider bite

Today was to be the first full day of sessions for the recording of my first album under my own name, THEN, I discovered a spider bite on my left leg, behind my knee, as I dried off from a mid~day bath. It really didn't start to hurt until I put some peroxide on it. Now, it feels like I was hit w/ a sledgehammer. I went to the emergency room shortly after I discovered it, now I'm on antibiotics for a week, & they gave me painkillers for when I feel like listening to "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida."