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2016 the year of Dagon

Dagonians! We have resurrected our old label Cephlopod Records and have renamed it Elder Evil Records (in honor of The Tink). He used to tell me how much he liked the name because he was the "Elder Evil" so I decided to use this name in his honor. AOD will be releasing two albums "Nacht Der Untonen" and "Nethera".For Nacht the full length will be released on 5/31/2016. It will be 11 songs. The 5 that where on the E.P. will be joined by 6 more songs and the original 5 will all be revamped for its release. Then on 10/31/2016 "Nethera" will be released.This is an 11 song concept album all being recorded at our studio Dirge Studios. The artwork for both albums was done by The art of badic art. He is an incredible artist and we are glad to have him creating awesome artwork for us. Make sure you go check him out. Thank you for your support! -AOD

New Album Released today!

ALBUM IS NOW RELEASED!!! Hey all, we have some things going on in the Altar of Dagon camp. First we are releasing our new album Rantings of Mad Men today. This is our 2nd full length album recorded at our studio Dirge Studios and mixed & mastered by Rich Fuester (Saculus). All these songs where recorded with Rick (Dagonthunder) Jenkins on Drums. The album is available for sale at http://altarofdagon.bandcamp.com/album/rantings-of-mad-men and is priced at 6 dollars. Webzines, Internet radio stations, or metal sites that would like to review our work send us an email and we will get back to you a.s.a.p. With that being said we are currently looking for someone to fill the Drummer position here at the Altar camp. If you are interested or if you know somebody that might be pass on the info. Serious applicants only. Thanks for your continued support and we hope you like our New Album!