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Wall of Thorns

Here we are the first ever Gabriel’s Falling Blog! We are going to address lots of things and feel free to suggest, comment or gush! The last practice was educational and mucho fun, after which we found ourselves on the way to Hooters Bar & Grille for seven hours of drinking, fried foods and bonding. Here are just a few of my observations of the band: One of the things that comes first to mind is that the Bishop of Bass has a tendency to blurt out deep and dark confessions at the mere mention of alcohol. The Deacon of Drums is possessed of a high tolerance for drunks it would seem and turns out to be the best designated driver ever to carry car keys! Our Vicar of Vocals would trade what’s left of his soul for a cigarette after a few drinks even offering sexual acts to the waitress in exchange for a Marlboro and a light. Last but not least is the band’s Fearless Leader, the Grand Six-String Inquisitor himself and his obsession with raw oysters and the redheads that serve them… My guys are quite the crew, certainly never a dull moment! Now if you're in New York please stand by for upcoming show dates, contests, and meet and greets. There is also new music in the works for the bands sophomore album and buzz about the next music video “The Box“. It’s a busy and exciting time for all of us involved in the Gabriel’s Falling machine but nothing beats all the interest you guys, the fans, have shown for the music. On behalf of the band, THANKS! Til’ we bleed again, Dr. Jest (band manager and mystic)