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what we is

Come See My Dead Person is an eclectic blend of multi-cultural music unbound by any one genre. Fusing a multitude of styles from folk, rock, bluegrass, gypsy, and jazz, to polka, punk, country, latin, and soul, CSMDP provides a little something for everyone and a whole lot in between.

Where you find Come See My Dead Person you are sure to find a frenzied crowd dancing and laughing uncontrollably (at whom we're still not sure). If you like fun that doesn't cause a murder then we are for you (if you like fun that *does* cause a murder, just let us know on the down-low; see, I know this guy...). We've recently stumbled upon a growing interest in our sound and despite our best efforts people keep coming back for more. Like it or not, it seems the world may very well be ready for Come See My Dead Person...