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Being a Singer/Songwriter

Is a bit like having multiple personalities, you can be whoever you want, going through whatever you want, whenever you like. It also has the ability to not take oneself too seriously. A lot of people that you meet in this business expect a handout if I had a dollar for every time i've heard someone say they are waiting to be discovered discovered, or that they feel as if they've paid their due so venues, people, other musicians owe them something I could open up my own record company. I digress, what I'm trying to say is it's not easy, it's hard work, I am constantly writing and re-working songs, and practicing trying to get better at my craft, because I wasn't born with the skills that some of the people I have seen have been blessed with. I work, and I keep working, not because I'm hoping to get discovered, but I'm hoping to discover the greatness that lies within myself and only I can uncover it! And to be able to have something that you do everyday that you love and share with the world, even if it is a tiny corner of the world, makes today a day where I can be whoever I want, going through whatever I want, and for some reason you wanna experience it too!

- Brett