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need votes

Hello friends we are out of the race unless you vote.I have 843 friends but only 139 votes.I mean really do you want someone you don't know to win.Please vote it takes less then 10 sec.click on first link hit vote its that simple.Well hope you vote love you all . http://www.hardrockrising.com/#/4674?artist_id=422437&voting_token=6cf65585fe220ad5b7ed0fcc84a418e4 Hard Rock Rising www.hardrockrising.com

Votes needed

Please vote Psychedelic Dragons.We need to go back this year. http://www.hardrockrising.com/…

Big Show


New music


New video getting worked on

A new work of mine in progress please stay tuned and tell me what you think https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=752436671503118&set=vb.100002103751398&type=2&theater¬if_t=like

Help Share The Music Please

Well new music is up.Hope youe enjoy it .And please share and post this.

New Music Coming Soon

There will be New Music Coming Soon

Help vote

Can you please vote Psychedelic Dragons https://epoll.me/vote/ACQD0ERJ3NI/best-jam-groove-band-in-wny

Take A Bite Out Of Cancer

Me and my sister and brother are selling candy bars (Fowlers) to raise money for my moms chemo treatments. Last year my parents spent over 10000 dollars in treatments.As we found out she had throat cancer and now she has lung cancer.And she needs chemo every week.This also has left her out of work. I will also be willing to play solo for places and that money also will go to my mom.My number is 716-597-2629


vote please

Psychedelic Dragons are out of the race unless you my friends and family and fans vote .Just to point out i have asked all my friends on my friends list witch is 541 and yet we only have 42 votes i thought buffalo supports the music well lets prove it .All you have to do is down load our song for free