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A fan said this!

A fan said this about the All Day Lovers CD. Feel free to write your own reviews in the "Comments" section. I'd love to hear what you think!

"I absolutely love this CD. I usually have to listen to CDs a few times to get a feel for whether I really like it, and by the time I got through it a few times, I was hooked. I love the voices of these two singers together! And the lyrics are simple, but they have so much maturity and depth to them too -- not what you find in young twenties bands. Bravo All Day Lovers!" Comment found under a Review of "Sounds of You" here: http://www.portlandsentinel.com/node/1224

On the Road

Greetings from the road in the Texas Hill Country! The trip has been both very challenging and very fulfilling this year. I drove 32 hours to get here, barely stopping to sleep. I will never do that again! It took unexpected physical tolls that I'm still shaking off.

The Kerrville Folk Festival, as usual, is a stimulating and relaxing stew of songwriting talent, simmering nicely in the Texas heat. It's hard sometimes not to get too bogged down in comparing myself to all these amazing musicians. I try to just share my songs and not think about how they'll be received, and sometimes I succeed. As is often the case, I have not done much actual writing at the festival. It sometimes takes a while for the creative juices to seep into me, then a very prolific period ensues.

I feel blessed to have fallen in with a large established camp that becomes more my family over the years. We share meals, host song circles, and talk songwriting shop into the wee hours.

That's all for now! Happy trails.