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This is Dave here, the third and final bass player for Gladhander. My experience so far has been, for a lack of better words, hella fun. As soon as I began rehearsals back in August 2010, we started working on a set comprised mainly of new songs that Mitch and Kasey had put together since the departure of my predecessor. We also worked on cuts from the “One Against Three” CD as well. As things evolved, Mitch made it clear that he wanted to take the band forward and not dwell on the success of the first CD. With that, we decided to keep two older favorite songs in the set and concentrate on fleshing out the new ones and begin writing more as a trio. We put together a nice 11 song set for our first show back in November at the Black Forest Tavern, here in Eugene. This show included three VERY heavy bands, “Deathbed Confessions” (amazing drummer!), “I Am Ruin” and "Only Nightmares". There was a great turnout that packed the house and we all played very well. Check the pix on our Facebook page. The only song from the CD was the popular “Bad Things”, and the rest comprised the new songs that Mitch and Kasey had written. Of these, my personal favorites are the fast and furious “Make Me Scream”, and “Let Me Know”, plus the extra heavy and syncopated “Brothers”. I love playing in a band that’s as heavy as I like to play. Since the show at the Forest, the three of us have been working on a few new songs. The first one that is ready for public performance is called “Back To B. T.”. B. T. stands for Breaking Things, by the way. Coool… We’re all pretty good at breaking things... As I was reading the previous blog in preparation for this one, I saw that Mitch had complained of having his Mesa foot pedal break at a previous Black Forest show back in 2009. Well, just before our latest show at Eugene's Downtown Lounge on December 11th, he suffered a similar problem, the pedal went out again. The result was a very heavy set where we were happy to perform “Back To B. T.” for the first time. The turn out was moderate, but I write that off to finals ending at U of O on the preceding Thursday and many students already leaving town. I recorded the show, and the results were impressive. The vox really stood out, the mix was big and everyone jammed hard. We have a second new song in the works that should be ready by the next show, which should be early in 2011 in either Portland or Seattle. It’s coming along great and should give us enough material to get back into the studio in the spring or early summer of 2011. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for occasional live streams of rehersals and show dates. It should be hella fun!

The Black Forest

Last Saturday the 22nd we played the Black Forest and it was a wicked turnout. I arrived about 8:30 PM to load in and people were already there waiting for a taste of Gladhander, Sixlifter7 and Made Of Skin.. I loaded in and observed.

I noticed groups of people constantly trickling in, the fans were obviously there to have a good time and that's what they got. Made of Skin took the stage first, they played a solid set with with a unique sound with many dynamics that were pleasing to my ears.

Gladhander set up... Right before takeoff My Mesa~Boogie took a hit from a trumpet case rendering it's footswitch useless.( four channels is the norm, with a solo boost) So with one guitar channel set to overdrive Gladhander played a chunky more heavy set than the norm. Kasey was Beating his drums like they owed him money and Rick was adding the solid foundation that is needed for any tight set. Some dynamics were lost but it was an in your face punchy set none the less. We gotta roll with what we've got. The audience gladly ate a healthy portion and were thankful to have a second helping.

Sixlifter7 Then took the crowd for another ride. Seven men; three guitars, a drummer, a bassist and a trumpet player all backing up their talented singer, D.C.. They played an amazing set and kept the crowd pleased for the rest of the evening. They are very catchy With a rock/punk sound with a Violent Femms/ Oingo-Boingo thing going on.

To wrap it up, It was a great time, a great turnout with a positive vibe. We would like to thank everyone who came out to support, It was you that made this show so great and fun for us. Congrats to JJ for winning the custom guitar airbrushed by Ken Mann. We will do that again.

Gladhander at Comic Con!

We will be screening the new video for Gladhander "Tooly" this year at Comic-Con. Find us in booth 1033 to watch the video and leave with free stuff!