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Full Swing....

Well summer is in full swing and so are we. Busy busy busy. Lots of shows and road miles. Released a single last month, and we are currently booked solid.....so far so good....

Spring has exploded on the scene

Ahh the warm sunshine on your face, when it isnt raining, but thats the weather here in Ohio you take the good with the bad. Make sure with the change in the weather you still stay involved in your local music scene. Get out . Get to a show! Support Live Local Music!

True to the tunes

I was asked the other day why our page said we were a classic rock hard rock band, when you play a much larger variety of music than just that. R&B oldies, classic country 90s stuff a huge collection of music through the years. So i changed the banner to a much truer description of what we play.

New Year 2015

Great things on the horizon hope everybody had a safe and wonderful holiday season and we are so ready for spring how about you? Gonna be a great 2015.....

Merry Christmas yall

Hope everybody has a safe and Merry Christmas


Busy as ever playing shows and making miles, Pickin and singing. Great thing are coming together. Dont wait be apart of it now!!!

Rockin it baby

hey hey hey hope you guys are doing it and doing it well. Make sure you come see a show near you. or drop us a line to say hey. Keep rockin.


Great new and things we opened up the show for legendary rockers BLACK OAK ARKANSAS and have been signed to First lite music and headed to Nashville!!!

RNR life

Hey all just throwing some things on ya...we will be playing several "Bike Nights" this summer so check it out!! As well as new venues stay tuned!!

Rock n Roll life

Hey all just wanted to let everybody know we are gonna start a new era in live performances with a emphasis on the making you wanting more so be prepared if you love it right now then the new show will freaking blow your mind! STAY TUNED.......