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Meet ESTEP--OLD and curious website fodder

Dennis Estep (voice) BIRTHDATE: 01-24-74 BIRTHPLACE: El Paso,TX STATE OF MIND: Agressive/Shy HOME: at the Pub EQUPMENT: My Voice HABITS: None PASTIMES: Music UNUSUAL SKILLS: Handy man PREVIOUS JOBS: Loan officer LIKES: Guitar LOATHS: The fact that I can't play it that well FAVORITE MUSIC: Elvis, Morrissey, Patsy Cline, Beautiful South FAVORITE LYRIC: "I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a stich to wear.."-The Smiths HERO: My Dad VILLAIN: None as of yet but the evening is still young ACTORS: Robert DeNiro, Ed Norton, Johnny Depp QUOTE: "Life is the meaning of Love, Love is the meaning of Life"~Ron Nasty

John Hernandez (guitars) BIRTHDATE: 01-08-77 (same as Elvis/David Bowie) BIRTHPLACE: El Paso, TX STATE OF MIND: Anxious HOME: where ATF is.. EQUIPMENT: Roland JC120, Fender Twin, Epiphone Casino, Bardel Strat (limited Edition), Peavey Tele, Boss effects HABITS: watch too much news PASTIMES: Writting/Social Drinking UNUSUAL SKILLS: double jointed thumbs PREVIOUS JOBS: Insurance Salesman LIKES: Scotch LOATHS: Tequila FAVORITE MUSIC: Sinatra, Dean Martin, Morrissey, Elvis, Lennon/McCartney, Andy Williams FAVORITE LYRIC: "..he was just a social drinker but social every night"-Beautiful South HERO: Me Grandad VILLAIN: too many to name here..you KNOW who you ARE.. ACTORS: DeNiro, Pesci, Jeffrey Hunter, Jenna Elfman, Benicio Del Torro, Johnny Depp, Billy Zane QUOTE: "Not all of us who drink are poets. Some of us drink because we're not poets" "~Dudley Moore as Arthur Bach from "Arthur"

Frank Nava (bass) BIRTHDATE: 04-24-1977 BIRTHPLACE: El Paso, TX STATE OF MIND: Suspicious HOME: My BASS-ment EQUPMENT: Squire Jazz Bass, Austin Precision Bass, Aristocrat Standup Bass, Peavy Amplifier HABITS: Too Many to list PASTIMES: Reading, watching movies, collecting movie/music memorabilia UNUSUAL SKILLS: Can recite lines from movies and use them in everyday life PREVIOUS JOBS: Warehouse worker, Law enforcement LIKES: Horror and Sci-Fi LOATHS: Chick Flicks FAVORITE MUSIC: 1950s Rock 'n' Roll and Rhythm and Blues, Rockabilly, Doo Wop, Swing FAVORITE LYRIC: "A Wop Bop A Loo Bop A Lop Bam Boom" HERO: 1950s greasers VILLAIN: 1960s hippies ACTORS: James Dean, Marlon Brando, Elvis Presley QUOTE: "Give me a milk...Chocolate!" - George McFly from "Back To The Future"

Josh Gamble (bass) BIRTHDATE: 03-22-1981 BIRTHPLACE: Seattle, Wa STATE OF MIND: Relaxed/Confused HOME: A tiny hullaballo in the West El Paso Hills EQUPMENT: Fender Standard Jazz Bass HABITS: Smoking... and other things that go well with (ex: Drinking, more smoking etc.) PASTIMES: Music, Traveling UNUSUAL SKILLS: Bastard Chef (I can do amazing things with chicken... ask for recipies) PREVIOUS JOBS: 2 years as a Blockbuster Video General Manager LIKES: Music, Bartending LOATHS: A certain band that has taken the "pseudo-goth" scene by storm... Hot Topic has gone to far. You know who you are evanescence. FAVORITE MUSIC: Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground, Iggy and the Stooges, Led Zepplin and the music they inspired. FAVORITE LYRIC: "And when you lose control, you'll reap the harvest you have sown." Roger Waters HERO: Crispin Glover VILLAIN: There's been a few, but we've all gotten older. ACTORS: I get into Directors instead of actors. QUOTE: "I may be lying in the gutter, but at least I'm starring at the stars."~Oscar Wilde

Adrian "Dr. Gonzo" Gonzalez (drums) BIRTHDATE: 11-82 BIRTHPLACE: El Paso, TX STATE OF MIND: Not happy, Not sad HOME: El Paso EQUIPMENT: Tama Swingstar w/ Paiste Cymbals HABITS: Don't have any... PASTIMES: Alcoholidays UNUSUAL SKILLS: I can impersonate anyone PREVIOUS JOBS: mechanic LIKES: Jim Bean LOATHS: Too much Jim Bean FAVORITE MUSIC: Morrissey, Weezer, Glen Miller (fantastic combination) FAVORITE LYRIC: "Will nature make a man of me yet?"-The Smiths HERO: Chino Moreno VILLAIN: The one's who hate me ACTORS: Benicio Del Torro, Robe

OLD Show list from 2001 forward!

ESTEP SHOWS: 05-05-01: Union Plaza Street Festival Outside Club101 05-22-01: Morrissey's Birthday Bash @ Club Dedo 07-29-01: Club Dedo 08-18-01: Club Dedo 10-05-01: E9 Concert Hall w/ Sweet and Tender Hooligans 10-27-01: KXCR 89.5FM Radio Interview 11-09-01: The Peanut Gallery w/ Unlikley Child and The Reflections

11-14-01: E9 Concert Hall w/ Gene Loves Jezebel 12-01-01: Double Dave's

12-15-01: Tempe, AZ @ Don Miguel's w/ The Captives 12-22-01: Double Dave's "Toys for Tots" 01-04-22: The Peanut Gallery w/ The Pantease 02-02-02: Tempe, AZ @ Chaser's w/ The Captives 03-14-02: San Antonio, TX Sin13 Club w/ Girls in a Coma 03-29-02: E9 Concert Hall w/ Sweet and Tender Hooligans 05-12-02: HERO Radio 94.7FM Radio Interview on "Stepping out" 05-18-02: E9 Concert Hall w/ J. Cabrera 05-31-02: Desi's Graduation Bash w/ Special Guest 06-15-02: Double Dave's w/ Special Guest Skater's Rule 07-26-02: Las Cruces, New Mexico w/ Unity 150 09-01-02: Club 101 w/ Modern English 10-24-02: BIG Daddy's Bar (8838 Viscount) 11-07-02: BIG Daddy's Bar (8838 Viscount) 01-18-03: BIG Daddy's Bar (8838 Viscount) 03-06-03: CD RELEASE PARTY AT CLUB 101 w/ Artistic Noise 03-29-03: Los Angeles, CA @ Cole's Tavern (118 E. 6TH ST between Main ST. and Los Angeles ST.) w/ Pleasant Something 05-03-03: The Empire Club(behind Club 101) w/ Sweet and Tender Hooligans 05-17-03: Havanna Blue (corner of Texas and Campbell-DOWNTOWN El Paso) 05-21-03: The Empire Club(behind Club 101) 01-31-04: Los Angeles, CA @ Cole's Tavern(118 E. 6TH ST between Main ST. and Los Angeles ST.)

01-31-04: Los Angeles, CA @ Cole's Tavern(118 E. 6TH ST between Main ST. and Los Angeles ST.) 02-01-04: Billy's Lounge (Corner of Pebble Hills and Lee Trevino) w/ VERY SPECIAL GUEST Selby Reed (formerly the Pantease) 02-05-04: Moontime Pizza w/ Scotty Karate 02-29-04: Club 101 w/ Gene Loves Jezebel 05-09-04: Club 101 w/ The Echoing Green , Leiahdorus and Swerve 02-05-04: Moontime Pizza w/ Scotty Karate 02-29-04: Club 101 w/ Gene Loves Jezebel 05-09-04: Club 101 w/ The Echoing Green , Leiahdorus and Swerve 07-11-04 (Saturday)Billy's Lounge w/ Tape Incident 01-08-05 (Saturday)Phoenix, Arizona Chaser's w/ The Captives and Echo Chamber