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On The Other Side


Have YOU ever imagine what it is like to be on the other side of Life? From the look on your face, i can tell how curious you are probably only just to see what the picture look like but wouldn't want to be a part of it.

I want to remind you all that as we speak, quite a huge number of Children are being born. Mothers and fathers are going through their worst times and all these can only be happening on the other side. "I mean worst times" I do not want to spoil your day with details on what these people are going through but one thing is for sure, they deserve the right to better life like you and me. In Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America and in The Middle East. Many people can't even afford a breakfast while many are homeless out in extreme weathers and environments as we speak. Thousands are in their dying beds and hundred of thousands are Disabled.

But still, millions are still holding on and believing that YOU will do something.

It is now up to YOU to make them know that you truly care. Show them your love by healing their broken hearts. Help those ones on the other side of life to cry. For God will use your lives to show that he is near.

Whoever you are and wherever you may be, i want you to take out time and say a PRAYER for the people on the other side of life.

It doesn't matter much money or kinds you have donated, i want you to know that in your PRAYERS lies their MIRACLES.

Help Somebody Cry! https://www.facebook.com/groups/helpsomebodycry/

Remain Blessed Michael Davies



Oops! I Will Do It Again. On Sa.24.08. Three Gigs in One Fuck'n Night! I Might Probably Be Needing A Private Jet To Cover Those Long Distances. Hello Beautiful Peolple, PLease Don't Get Mad When I'll Start Some Minutes Late... Love Ya!


Every Human Is Design For A Purpose On This Great Planet. Try And Find Out Yours. We Are All Talented In Our Divers Ways Just Like The Look On Our Faces And That Makes Us All Unique But On Different Level Of Life. Believe In Yourself Always And Don't Let No Man Tell You That You Are A Failure. Live Your Life And Make The Best Out Of It Because It Is Very Short.


We Must Learn To Keep All Precious Belongings From The Public. The Public Is Very Good At Taking Away Valuables From Ignorant People. Not Everybody Out There Is Happy With Your Success. Many Are Pretenders To Be, So Watch Out Carefully Know Your Friends And Well Wishers.


May This Wonderful Day Bring You Out There Multiple Blessings.

Remain Strong In Whatever Situation You Find Yourself. Everything That Is Happening Or That Has Happened Has It Purposes In Your Lives Either Directly or Indirectly.

If It Is Something Terrible, Don't Worry! For You Would Have Stopped It If You Could. Just Try And Make Sure It Didn't Repeat Itself If You Can.

And If It Is Something Great, I'd Say Congratulations! Keep It Up And Safe From The People Of This Wicked World That Only Derive Pleasure In The Fall Of One Another.

I Want Thank To All Of You For Your Support! Don't Forget to Subscribe. As This Will Enable You Get Every Update Of My Activities. LYA

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