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Cerberus now available on myspace!!!

You can now listen to Cerberus; DOI's brand new single taken from Xenogenesis.

May Sophia be with you, Darkside of Innocence - Sophia's Heirs.

Press Release: "Cerberus" Update - 2 live acts announced.

The Heirs are finally ought to present “Cerberus”; a brand new single off Darkside of Innocence’s 2nd artistic effort - that as previously aforementioned, is entitled “Xenogenesis”. Cerberus release is scheduled to 12th February exclusively to be streamed via myspace, during a short period of days. A download link for free will later be available for a better experience.

Some live acts regarding Darkside of Innocence’s new era, have been also confirmed and are due to happen on:

2nd April @ Revolver Bar, Lisboa 9th April @ Metal Point, Porto

About Cerberus: “Cerberus” marks a completely turnaround for Darkside of Innocence and presents a new musical/conceptual approach by Darkside of Innocence. Be sure that nothing the band produced thus far - in this almost 6 years of existence - can be compared in any level to what “Cerberus” ends up sounding like. Conclusions are up to the listener and we won’t ruin the surprise.

The band is now concluding a few details regarding the single production and will promptly begin the mastering process.

Cerberus shall be unleashed as we speak.

Until Sophia enlightens us all, Darkside of Innocence – Sophia’s Heirs.

New single from "Xenogenesis" (new album) / New Label: "Grailight Productions"

Greetings to you, disciples of her highness Sophia.

First of all, I shall announce our new label; from this day forth, Darkside of Innocence is part of Grailight Productions’ roster to our utter fulfilment. Thus - scheduled to 29th October - , “Infernum Liberus EST” (and possibly some further releases) is finally going to be released, in jewel case with a 12 paged booklet. It will cost 6 euros + shippings and you can order from Grailight or directly from the band.

Thanks to Demether – owner of GLP- for believing in our work.

Visit Grailight Productions at: http://www.myspace.com/grailight

And that’s not all; as you already may have noticed, we’re composing a brand new album as previously aforementioned on our last press releases concerning the band’s future, which, due to some personal issues is now entitled "XENOGENESIS" (more information regarding Xenogenesis, including its track list and concept to be announced soon). However and meanwhile, due to a question of mere enthusiasm, we decided to demonstrate a little of what these inspiring bright days are about to bring. After some troubled period - where blankness was preventing us from creating -, we’re hence ought to record a single from the forthcoming opus as we speak, titled “CEREBRUS”, so then, you can appreciate the music we’ve been writing.

A photo shooting, as well as a completely renewed layout regarding Darkside of Innocence’s newest concept, is booming at our minds, to promote this new era and present David Silva as our guitar player.

May Sophia be with you all, Darkside of Innocence – Sophia’s Heirs.

Sephiroth Complex - New album title!

Greetings dearest sons of the aged Serpent,

Darkside of Innocence’s forthcoming full-length is entitled "Sephiroth Complex" and already has a fantastic cover artwork made by Andrej Bartulovic. Check his work out at: http://maggotmaster.deviantart.com/ and http://www.myspace.com/maggotmaster_inc

Some advances regarding "Sephiroth Complex" (Inglês apenas);

(…)Sephiroth complex is actually, a conceptual fable, merged in allegories and it features a completely figured nature. An epic replete of pure mysticism and some well known legends, which is also, characterized with a good dose of decadent literature.

Beauty and the beast - The eternal inner battle of the conscious being against Daemon or Pan (the same entity), which for those who don’t know, is the personification of our instincts or the so acclaimed “Beast”. Pan (Kether - the crown) is the first Sephirah, lying even above Sophia. Sephiroth Complex is the final clash for the human independence, a legacy for autonomy and freedom which takes the human being to desperately seek Arcadia - the promised kingdom, in my vision – and find it, in the end, after struggling a lot.(…)

Read all the information about "Sephiroth Complex" at: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=85393199&blogId=533765904

Stay close for news (we shall come up with some new projects as well)

Thank you so much for the attention as always – Arcadia is closer than ever!

May Sophia be with you all,

Darkside of Innocence – Sophia’s Heirs.