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CD Review - Borrowed Time - La Hora Del Blues

Todd Wolfe “Borrowed Time”. Blues Leaf 2008. Electrizante y enйrgico disco con descargas impresionantes de guitarra que penetran en lo mбs profundo de nuestro organismo, como si de vitaminas se tratara. Ya no mбs dosis de vitamina B o tazas de cafй muy cargado, el rock-blues hiriente y sin concesiones de Todd Wolfe os servirб para poneros las pilas a cualquier hora del dнa, en cualquier momento o en cualquier lugar. “Borrowed Time” contiene diez canciones, la mayorнa de factura propia, mбs alguna otra firmada por Fйlix Pappalardi (їos acordais de los Cream, del “Oh Well” de Peter Green o del “Who’s Been Talkin’” de Howlin’ Wolf?). Un бlbum brutal e intenso del que no podreis escaparos fбcilmente. ЎAh! y tambiйn colabora el cantante y guitarrista Leslie West entre otros mъsicos de dilatada carrera. En definitiva, rock-blues tejano de altos vuelos y considerable calidad. MUY BUENO.

Electrifying powerful cd with impressive guitar discharges, that will get right into your body as ii were vitamins. No more B vitamins doses, no more dark coffee cups, the hard cutting Todd Wolfe’s rock blues will wake you up every day, everywhere, any time you listen to his music. “Borrowed Time” includes ten songs, most Todd’s own compositions together with some other ones signed by Felix Pappalardi (do you remember The Cream, Peter Green’s “Oh Well” or Howlin Wolf’s “Who’s Been Talkin’”?). An intense wild album you will not easily get out of it. You will also find singer and guitar player Leslie West and other well known musicians on the cd. In very short words, first class high quality Texas rock blues. GREAT

Todd Wolfe - Hittin The Note Magazine

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MP3 Download of Todd Wolfe's performance on WDIY-FM

You've got a file called Todd Wolfe WDIY.mp3 waiting for download at sendspace.com You can use the following link to retrieve your file: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ewsiwd Interview and Live performances of 1) Ready For Love 2) Baby I'm Down 3) You're Not The Only One Todd's latest release on Blues Leaf Records "Borrowed Time" is available at http://www.amazon.com/Borrowed-Time-Todd-Wolfe/dp/B001FTW9AE

CD Review - Blues Revue

http://www.livebluesworld.com/forum/topics/todd-wolfe-cd-review Todd Wolfe is a true triple threat. His jaw-dropping guitar skills are well known, but he's also a soulful singer who writes a great song. Case in point: the frenetic title track to Borrowed Time. With the help of his talented bandmates (check out Michael Fossa's wild piano), Wolfe draws you in with a groovy riff, catchy lyrics,and high-flying guitar. Other fine Wolfe originals include the somber "Cold Black Night," where Fossa weaves a spooky organ backdrop as Wolfe moans the lyrics and wails on guitar, and the cheerfully funky "Ready for Love," capped by one of Wolfe's soaring guitar flights. The slow- rocking "California," which Wolfe co-wrote with his former boss,Sheryl Crow, tells a tale of the cold reality behind the West Coast's warm seductiveness. (The backup singer sounds a bit like Crow, but it's fellow pop veteran Susan Cowsill.) "If This Is Love" features a stunning vocal by Mary Hawkins as Wolfe's stately guitar sings along. Howlin' Wolf's "Who's Been Talkin" receives a samba beat, the groove anchored by drummer Dave Hollingsworth and bassist Sauvek Zaniesienko. Felix Pappalardi's "Baby I'm Down" features Pappalardi's old Mountain bandmate, Leslie West, on lead guitar and vocals. Frequent collaborators, Wolfe and West sound great singing together. Military drums, Ed Canova's understated bass, and Wolfe's slide set up the track and take it home perfectly.Equally effective are Wolfe's mournful slide and vocal and Rich Frikkers' heartbeat drumming on "You're Not The Only One." -----Kay Cordtz

CD Review - Sunday Night Blues Project

http://sundaynightbluesproject.blogspot.com/2008/09/review-todd-wolfe-borrowed-time.html Monday, September 15, 2008 Review: Todd Wolfe "Borrowed Time" Todd Wolfe is a heavy blues guitar slinger. He was the lead guitarist in Sheryl Crow's band 1993-1998, and then he led the Todd Wolfe Blues Project, and here is a solo disc. There are a lot of things to like about this disc--some of it seems to echo Santana, some of it echoes Leslie West circa Mountain, some of it sounds like Cream. In tone and style of guitar, this disc also reminds me a little of Albert Castiglia's latest, "These Are The Days." (see my review of Albert's disc on this blog in 2007.) Both discs feature good fretwork, lots of original songs, good backing bands. They are both well worth buying. The drumming by Dave Hollingsworth III here is a highlight throughout. Suavek Zaniesienko plays bass, keeping things full in the bottom, and Michael Fossa plays keyboards with taste and restraint. There are guest appearances on "Borrowed Time" by Leslie West, Susan Cowsill, Mary Hawkins. Susan Cowsill adds distinctive backing vocals on "California," a song co-written by Sheryl Crow. Mary Hawkins sings on "If This is Love," which is terrific--one of the best songs here. Wolfe's slide guitar work had me smiling and thinking of Ronnie Earl. "Baby I'm Down" has a southern rock, Allman Brothers Band feel. "You're Not The Only One" has a Cream vibe, with heavy echo on the vocals and very sweet guitar work. Wolfe tackles the Peter Green Fleetwood Mac tune "Oh Well" and does it quite well, with a train-pulling-into-the-station ending. The other cover here is Howling Wolf's song "Who's Been Talking," and I think the master would approve of this take. Taken all together, this is a very good disc. If I gave stars, this one would be a 5 star disc. I'm excited about Todd Wolfe. He can play guitar great and he sings really well, and the future looks bright. This disc is on Blues Leaf Records. Posted by Bruce at 3:58 PM

Todd Wolfe - On Demand - Interview & Selections

http://a1artistspotlight.com/2008/09/25/054-todd-wolfe-%e2%80%93-borrowed-time/ Subscribe To Itunes or listen On Demand on your computer Thu 25 Sep 2008 054 - Todd Wolfe – Borrowed Time Posted by A1 Mark under Podcast Hear Todd Wolfe talk about his soon to be released CD, Borrowed Time, as well as tracks from the CD . On October 1, 2008 Blues Leaf Records will release the new CD by Todd Wolfe, Borrowed Time. This will be Todd’s fifth solo CD. However, this story starts back with the British Invasion and seeing The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. The Beatles got Todd’s interest in music going. When Cream and Hendrix come along that furthered Todd’s interest in music. These new bands got Todd looking to the people that inspired them like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and Buddy Guy. This also got Todd playing guitar and joining different bands. By the late eighties Todd started writing music with a yet unknown, Sheryl Crow. Both of them moved to California to try and get a record deal. Todd found himself working with Carla Olson, formally of the band the Textones (MTV video “Midnight Mission”). Carla had been working on a CD called Within An Ace along with former Rolling Stone guitarist Mick Taylor. There were some places for guitar to be added and Todd got the job. Todd was also working a part time job during the day, worked in a blues/rock trio at night, and did some soundtrack work for the Playboy channel. At this point Sheryl Crow puts out her first record and ask Todd to be in her touring band. For the next five years Todd traveled the world playing in Sheryl’s band. In his off time he had his own band called Mojoson. Later after working with Sheryl he started a new band called The Todd Wolfe Blues Project which later was called Todd Wolfe. So here we are on the eve of the release of the fifth CD by Todd Wolfe, Borrowed Time.