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Back on Reverbnation

Hey yall been awhile since we updated our profile, so we are getting to it. Will be adding things along the way!!!

Great review

Here is a great review from The Obelisk! http://theobelisk.net/obelisk/2013/11/04/gritter-welcome-to-the-sinkhole-10-days-of-shod/?fb_action_ids=10202280564552667&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map={%2210202280564552667%22%3A318169174988127}&action_type_map={%2210202280564552667%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map=[]

Thanks Yall!!!!

We hit our Kickstarter Campaign Budget!!! wanna thank everyone who contributed!! once all of the funds are collected we will be sending the music out fr pressing!!! Cant wait!!

Kickstarter campaign is live!!!

go here for details and to pledge!


Mixing is done

Mixing is done.. now we send off these new bad ass tunes to The mastering house in New York..should have all of this completed within the month..

New Ep coming out soon!

We have been in the studio recording our new EP. Finishing up the mixing and then it is off for mastering! The best music we have put out to date. Stay tune!

Gritter won!

Thanx to all that voted in the Hails and Horns magazine unsigned band contest. Becuc of yall we took it down!! yall rock!

Come vote for us on HailsandHorns.com

We are in a great contest for unsigned bands. click the link and vote once a day. Winning 2 bands get a pretty nice promo hookup! thanx for yalls help! http://www.hailsandhorns.com/featuresandinterviews/unsigned-band-contest-5-voting-page/

New Review in RVA MAgazine!


New tunes

Just got back from Sniper Studios , NC...layed down 4 new ones from our up and coming new release.. sledgehammers!!!!