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DETHLEHEM formed in the greatest respect to the centuries old story of the Three-Wise-Demons. The story takes place long ago before the first cataclysm, in the well known village of Dethlehem, in the land of Ghorusalem. History says that a baby with great, evil powers was born to a virgin goblin whore. After the birth, the infant first brought plague to the village of Dethlehem. Not soon after, ancient flying serpents were awakened from their hibernation deep in the earth's crust. They soon ruled the land, only to abide by the unholy one's word. Soon, the Three-Wise-Demons: Galatan, Kullinia, and Brigalathis visited the baby boy and revealed to him just how much evil he could control. They named him, Yagolith.

Yagolith, king of all that is evil, harnessed his powers for the most evil purposes. With his ability to shape shift into a dragon, he became quite knowledgable, and his hunger for treasure grew and grew.

For hundreds of years, Yagolith went unchallenged. Until a Legion of Warriors traveled the lands to battle him under a cursed sky...

LORD BONECRUSH LVL-20 Forged in fire, raised in battle, walking over a thousand crushed skulls which the ashes of former heroes lay, he leads his brothers into what no man would dare.

HILDOR ANDUV LVL-19 After Hildor was slain by Lord Bone Crush during the great War against Yagolith for his treacherous acts. Hildor Anduv rose from his ashes as a Battle Mage, after Leonai the God of Frost reaved his soul by shedding a single snow flake onto his corpse.

GALLAGORE LVL-18 A blood thirsty warrior, known for the legendary brutal orc-mutilation at the lakes of Gawdswamp and the infamous beheading of the Troll King. He has since made many a gold coin for his Troll Hunting services to small coves and villages throughout the Elven forests of Unnastyruh.

BOVICE LVL-19 A virtuous White Knight who holds a strong bond to the good spirited, yet holds no remorse in his furiousity.

OVERLORD BROM LVL-?? The most powerful, brute knight around who specializes in two-handed weaponry. Many not know of his past other than he has no family to speak of. To this day, no one knows what color he bleeds... or if this immortal warrior bleeds at all...

This is the story of their struggle, this was the pain a land had to endure, the fall of a demon kingdom, THIS IS DETHLEHEM.