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You've been picked! The promoter SCoRCHeR FeST has accepted your submission for the event: SCoRCHeR FeST 2013 (Spring/Summer) - Sydney

1.Sledge Droog, Tha KM, Congratulations! We have accepted your submission to SCoRCHeR FeST 2013 (Spring/Summer) - Sydney

- Thanks, SCoRCHeR FeST Promoter: SCoRCHeR FeST

Event Name: SCoRCHeR FeST 2013 (Spring/Summer) - Sydney

Location: Sydney, NSW, AU

Event Dates: Dec 8, 2013

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Decadence The lowly Lost souls Lost sheep Lost from the saviours fold The sacred shepherd waits For our return From hell and the evil ones clutches Cause I use Satan’s devices as crutches How I wanna be free From all this pain and misery I want out of hell and back unto Jesus Christ Repentance is the word But I just keep doing it again Gotta stop but can’t Don’t wanna crop my plant Just shout out Away from decadence