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We are very pleased and excited to announce we are now working alongside Floating Records in San Francisco! They will be providing us with promotion and distribution in their neck of the woods, alongside helping set up our 4 week tour of the States, scheduled for May 2014!

Amazing is not the word people! Big thanks to Don Zimmer, Floating Records and Skype!

Watch out USA, here we come baby!

Walsall NIght Market Festival

Great night was had by all, great muso's check out Alexander Jackson, awesome performer and brillant guy


Has been practicing for upcoming performances. Loving every minute of it. Glass of cola with ice and my dog as my audience

Martin & Co rock

Just received free of charge a beautiful bone bridge for my DX1 from Martin as a gift.. fitted and sounds amazing...thanks guys

Monsters and love

Listening to Aii Radio enjoying some classic rock with DJ Yorkie

Watching an album coming together

Professionals working on my songs make you feel as humble as hell :-) feeling very emotional listening to my visions coming to life. Thank you all so much for reading this blog

Recording of the third album

time is upon us, start recording the third album tomorrow with Gavin from Magic Garden studios.

Gavin is responsible for the Editors, the twang along with countless other superb albums.. can't wait.

New Album will be entitled:


what this space for track clips and release date on Revolver Records

Much Luv

Website now live

Hope you can check out the new website


Much luv

Jam House

Please join us at the Jam House Networking for charity Performance 20th September 2012


Thoughts go out today. 2996 mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and children died in 9/11. God bless all those who lost their lives in such a tragic way. My heart goes out to all those lost and all those lost in grief.