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EVN Wedding Bells Mix


Tracklistings Fireflies (Marlow Remix) - Owl City Ghost - Downlink (Rottun Recordings) Silence (High Rankin & Evolve or Die Remix) (Delerium) WhaleStep - Excision (Rottun Recordings) Phantom - Hellfire Machina - (Brap Dem! Records) Ho! Riddim feat. P Money - Marco Del Horno, Swerve (Black Butter Records) Predator - Cyberoptix Remix Chrispy (2 Much Bass Records) I Can't Stop - Flux Pavilion (Circus) Wargasm - Sook (Requiem Audio) Pass Me By - Trolley Snatcha (Dub Police Records) Sengoku Sound System - Boot (Requiem Audio) Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites - Skrillex (mau5trap) Haunt You - Flux Pavilion (Circus) Lines In Wax - Foreign Beggars, Flux Pavilion (Circus) Jonestown - Triage, The Bassist (Requiem Audio) Emergency - Downlink (Rottun Recordings) HipHop (NumberNin6's'Pervert'Refix) Dead Prez Fortress - Droid Sector (Requiem Audio) Sneakers (Hellfire Machina 'Superstars' Remix)_The Beatards Boiling Water - Sam Frank, Magnetic Man (Columbia) Crippled Camel - Downlink (Rottun Recordings) Icarus YLEM Paperchain PROMO Calling Your Name - Muffler (Subhuman) The Police - Vocal Mix - Messinian, Encode (Play Me Records) Scatta - Foreign Beggars, Bare Noize, Skrillex (mau5trap) Feel For You - High Rankin ( Beta Recordings) Avalanche - J. Nitrous (Mass Execu7ion) Casablanca Borgore (Buygore Records) Subsonic Excision (EX7)

Swagga Dubstep Show - Oct 3rd 2010

Set available in 126kps in sub.fm Archives 256kps available at http://soundcloud.com/evn/swagga-dubstep-show-with-evn-03-oct-2010-sub-fm ** Denotes Australian Artist

SUB FM - Where Bass Matters (Show your support - http://twb.ly/cYND8k) Tracklistings ** Fabled - Crooked Jay Danger - Promo HipHop (NumberNin6's'Pervert'Refix)- Dead Prez Work Out - Hatcha & Lost (One Gun Salute Promo) 7 Breaths - Tunnidge (Chestplate) Echo In My Head - 501 (Not Safe For Work) That Hardcore Track - Noah D (Subway Recordings) ** Broken (Hulk Rmx) - Filth Collins (Analogic Recordings Promo) ** Doom Generation - Pedestrian (Promo) Say You Need Me - Killafoe, J.Nitrous & Kira Annelies (Hypnosis Recordings Promo Why So Serious - Hatcha & Lost (One Gun Salute Promo) SEFFI B feat BLINER - Predators (Promo) ** Controlling Your Environment - Boot (Rogue Dubs) SEFFI B feat BLINER - Predators - Beeliner (Promo) *late rewind request* ** Icarus - YLEM (Paperchain PROMO) ** LocoMotivation - EVN ** Intifada - Boot(Rogue Dubs) ** Drop it - Audiorabbit (Promo) ** Lost Souls-J.Nitrous (Hypnosis Recordings Promo) SUPERMAN(STYLUST ZOOTED DUBSTEP REMIX) - EMINEM Next 2 String - Hatcha & Lost (One Gun Salute Promo ) One - TRG, Matt-U (Subway Recordings) ** Ruiner - Droid Sector (Rottun Recordings) ** Boom - Filth Collins (Promo) ** ELECTRIC VECTOR - YLEM Trench Foot - Rumblejunkie (Tuff Love Dubs) Chosen One - Tony Anthem, Axl Ender (Rottun Recordings) Mechalion (Sinister Souls Remix) -Triggy (Analogic Recordings Promo) Mind Control- Matta (Skint Records) Kush Lovers- Caly, Bare (Play Me Records) Puppets- Truth (Aquatic Lab) Black Dimension- Droid Sector (Rottun Recordings) Rain City - Starkey (Triple Vision Music Group) Over (Hellfire Machina 'Living Life Right Now' Dubstep Remix)- Drake (Promo ) Mad As Hell - Total Recall (Tuff Love Dubs) Rogue Status - halo nova (Tuff Love Dubs) This Is Dirty - Explicit Mix - Sluggo (Standard Audio) Our Moment - Babylon System (Requiem Audio) Switched - Mindflow (No Frills) Solid DEEP - EZ$ (GET MONEY RECORDS) Crush Dem - Tony Rocky Horror (Hot N Heavy) Extinct - Tony Anthem, Axl Ender (Rottun Recordings) Don't Give It Away (STYLUST DUBSTEP RMX)- Freesol (Promo) ** Electric Charge - Audiorabbit (Promo) **The Cleaner - Pedestrian (Promo) Dub You - 501(Not Safe For Work) ** Hold Your Breath - Dont Drown Rework- YLEM (Promo) Robokop Circus- Robokop (One For All Records) Scruface Scarface - DJ Reika (Tuff Love Dubs) ** Icon - Filth Collins (Promo) Flagrance - Culprate (Dubsaw Records) ** Baptism (Fighting Gravity) - J.Nitrous (Hypnosis Recordings Promo) Seek & Destroy (Bassnectar Remixxx)- Metallica NRG - Orbatak (Betamorph Recordings) Murder Tune - Crissy Criss (Sludge Records) ** Burn It - F3tch & Sluggo (Promo) Sneakers (Hellfire Machina 'Superstars' Remix)- The Beatards Ho! Riddim feat. P Money - Marco Del Horno, Swerve (Black Butter Records) ** Inevitable - Megadodon vs Filth Collins


Download/ Listen to mix --http://soundcloud.com/swagga-adelaide/freight-train-bass-mixed-by-evn

00:00 Pump Up The Volume (DZ RMX) - M.A.A.R.S. 01:48 Yeah Man - Engine Earz Mix- Dreadzone[ Dubwiser ] 03:55 Annihilation Source - Droid Sector & Boot[ Hypnosis Recordings] 05:25 Dragon Eats Phoenix -Datax, Bymski[ Unexpected Audio Productions ] 08:40 Violate - YLEM 10:03 Insurgent -Filth Collins 11:50 Cracks feat. Belle Humble - Flux Pavillion Remix - Freestylers[ Never Say Die Records ] 14:10 Unable To Comply - KirKus[ Execu7ion Records ] 16:30 Weekend Fix - Blue Horizon 18:40 Dumb- F3Tch[ Filthy Digital ] 20:40 Its Bigger Than Hip Hop UK (Full Vocal Mix Explicit) - Dead Prez, WTF? 23:30 Broken - Filth Collins 25:10 Juno - Truth [ Aquatic Lab ] 27:00 Inevitable - Megadodon vs Filth Collins [ Betamorph ] 28:20 Baptism (Fighting Gravity) -J.Nitrous[ Hypnosis Recordings ] 30:20 Gorilla Funk - Banana Bomber, Dexx[ Stupid Fly Records ] 32:00 Mind Control – Matta [ Skint Records ] 33:30 I Need Air - Redlight Remix - Magnetic Man [ Columbia ] 35:15 Real Hustle (Filth Collins Remix) - Cotti vs Chef 37:05 Geisha -Cyberoptix [ Play Me Records ] 38:20 Evolution - Bio, F3Tch[ Filthy Digital] 40:40 Yeah!!! - Ajapai Remix- Booty Bronx [ TCY Recordings ] 42:10 Say You Need Me - Killafoe, J.Nitrous & Kira Annelies 43:45 Icon- Filth Collins 45:40 Scarface - Dubstep Mix - Urban Assault [ Heavy Artillery Recordings ] 48:15 Filthy Lumox - Bare Noize 49:25 U.F.O- Matta [ Skint Records ] 50:30 Hey-Bukez Finezt [ Tuff Love Dubs ] 53:00 Jugular- YLEM 55:00 Bad Boy Bass - Liquid Strangers Tactical Reload-Gaudi[ Six Degrees ] 56:45 Sticky White Stuff- Marko Kahn [ Bass Boom Recordings ] 58:30 Feed 'Em To The Pigs - Filth Collins 59:40 Aztec - Marlow Remix -Neptune Project[ No Comply Recordings] 61:50 Murder Tune - Crissy Criss [Sludge Records ] 63:05 I Hate Everyone - Proper Villains, Akademy [ Play Me Records]

Free Tune to Download 2005 & 2009

In 2009 I saw my first release with Phat Chance on Groundzero Projects and also "The Kofa" on One For All Records. Nearly 12 months on and now you can have the Kofa for Free (http://soundcloud.com/evn/evn-the-kofa-the-unbelievers-original-mix) and as an extra bonus I've added an old breaks tune I constructed back in last 2004 early 2005 called "That's Herb" (http://soundcloud.com/evn/evn-thats-herb-feat-bill-hicks)

Now both tunes are free to dowload at www.soundcloud.com/evn

Adelaide Dubsteppers Weaponary - Mixed by EVN (April 30th 2010)

http://soundcloud.com/evn/evn-adelaide-dubsteppaz-weaponary (30 Min mini-mix)

Snakebite - DZ Remix - Root Sellers - Pop And Lock Airmiles - Swindle - Planet Mu Timeshift - Truth - Boka Records Death To A Soundboy - Blusey, Zagu Zar - Sin City Recordings Gravity - The Others - Dub Police Records Activate - Chi - Stupid Fly Records I Need You - Ed Solo, JFB - Sludge Records Masters Of Rave - Eye-D, SPL - Hollow Point Recordings DKWSS Revisited - ABZ - Savory Audio I Got ... - Beats Antique Remix- Mix N Blend, Narch - Muti Music Movie Boof - SPL - Hollow Point Recordings Force - Noiz, Excision - EX7 Mystical Ninja - Ed Solo, JFB - Sludge Records Baddest DJ feat. Matt B - Ishe Remix - DJ Hero, Matt B - Velcro City Records SWAGGA - Downlink Remix - Excision - Rotten

SWAGGA PROMO MIX - YLEM vs Filth Collins mixed by EVN (Aug 1st 2010)

http://soundcloud.com/swagga-adelaide/evn-ylem-vs-filthy-collins-swagga-promo-mix (25 min mix)

192kps Mix - mixed by EVN August 1st 2010 Tracklisting 00:00 - Rusty Nail - YLEM 01:35 - Real Hustle (Filth Collins Remix) - Cotti vs Chef 03:23 - Insurgent [MASTER] - Filth Collins 06:10 - Violate -YLEM 07:55 - Broken - Filth Collins 09:45 - Anxiolytic [MSTR] - YLEM 11:30 - Icon - Filth Collins 14:40 - Jugular - YLEM 17:10 - You Used To[DUB]- Filth Collins 19:25 - The Kofa (The Unbelievers) - EVN 20:34 - Feed 'Em To The Pigs - Filth Collins 21:55 - HOld Your Breath - YLEM

Phat Chance (Where's my money Release) - Dubstep

This tune was written and produced by myself EVN and released in around March 2009 and was released on Groundzero Projects Vol 2. (www.groundzeroprojects.com). The site has pretty much gone defunked (and not due to this tune ;) I had another release as

I've only once seen sales data. They listed it incorrectly as Drum n Bass. As the title suggest this re-release is purely in spite of the label. I still own all rights to the masters.

My sound has changed quite a bit since this tune that was made in Reason 4.0. I purchased CuBase 5.0 in late 2009 and have been attempting to learn the new program.

The pressure in Adelaide lifted with F3TCH creating quite a stir world wide. (http://soundcloud.com/f3tch) and has two releases due out this month. Certainly a producer to admire and respect for a fine tuned skill.