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Children's Cancer Foundation

Mark Osborne of Dedline and Sonia Bettencourt have composed a song together to bring in funds for CCF in Potamac, MD. http://www.childrenscancerfoundation.org/home.aspx

Got To Have You in Rotation

MuseBoat Radio airs Got To Have You at http://museboat.wix.com/multimedia. Come request Dedline - Got To Have You, and help move us into the Top 25 Chart on MuseBoat Radio...Thank you so much!

Two Albums in the works!

Dedline is putting together their second album, which contains a bit "rougher rock", and are collaborating on a project to benefit Children's Hospice! We'll be updating you as we go along. Thanks for enjoying and sharing Dedline songs...


New CD All Said And Done will be out on March 14th 2009.