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Sunset Strip!

One can never argue the nostalgia of the World Famous Whisky A G0-G0 in West Hollywood, CA on the Sunset Strip! It is a bit challenging for a brand new band though; we had 9 minutes to set up, approximately 18 minutes to perform, and 4 minutes to get the hell off the stage; and also had to pay $300 dollars. So would I do it again? Of course!! It’s the Whisky…as soon as you walk in the door you can feel the amazing kindred spirits who have graced the place; it’s kind of hard not to think about that you may actually be standing on the spot where Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix stood; and if your band is popular enough to sell tickets well then you’ve made some money too!!! Daylon Jay (RockHall Doctors – Las Vegas, NV)

Welcome to the RHD!

We are a BRAND NEW BAND in Las Vegas and we will keep you informed here on RN! Thank you for your time and interest!!

New Release!

We are currently working on a 10 song ‘live studio-tracked’ debut CD primarily made up of great cover hits for booking agents and new fans who can buy them straight from the stage at our shows! Look for the iTunes release of 'Rockin' In The Free World' sometime in February 2014! Search iTunes / RockHall Doctors! Thank You

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