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Hello all, A slightly belated happy new year to all on reverb nation, twitter, facebook and my space. I am extremely pleased to introduce two songs from my new CD "RE IMAGINED" at the top of my play list: a new version of "WHITE HORSES" and a song I wrote back in 2007, "MAKE ME FLY AGAIN". I have re-arranged and recorded ten new songs (or pieces of music) for this new CD/MP3 album, my and others' favourites over the last five or so years. Thanks very much for your continued interest and appreciation of my music. I plan to keep posting the new recordings and have already begum writing new material for later in 2013. I will also be attempting to write some ballet music for a family event in the spring of 2013. If its good enough, I'll share a little! Have fun and keep the light of music shining through 2013!

2012 ...

2012 is going to be as epic as possible in TC music world, which is of course the world to be in, given the real one gets crazier by the day.

First off, there will be a new CD for 2012, all new music. Its all recorded musically although I have been back this week to add some spanish guitar but this will not be too prominent as I had done pretty much all the arrangements before Christmas when I found the spanish addition. Oddly enough the existing music had a few spanish moments anyway as played on the steel string heard on last year's album, so I guess it fits in well. This new stuff is, I would say, pretty different to last year. There are two very extended arrangements, one may end up at 12 minutes (plus), depending on the mix, and they have weighty lyrical themes to match. There are four or five other shorter, but pretty complex songs in terms of either their structure or overdubbed guitar or mandolin parts - there are certainly going to be a good range of sounds to orchestrate the basic songs. Some of these will certainly be harsher than the last few albums - and the lyrics probably harder to match, cutting through some difficult areas that have affected society in 2011 and indeed the previous ten years, not to mention my return to exmaining war from a different angle than Roses and War. I do have some satirical and humourous songs but this does not seem like the album to put them on ... Briefly, then, I fully intend on running an independent website of around 3-4 pages very soon. This will do what websites do really, a quick overview of my musical projects and news, updates, when/where I'm performing, downloads, photos; but I'd like to include what I might call a writer's journal. The idea would be to put a few notes together on some of the old and new songs - how they were written, why they came out the way they did, and perhaps some links to my favourite song writers or players. Music for a film project is now definitely underway - the film is called The Killer Within and should be a full-length feature though shorts may also be produced. This will probably be instrumental, obviously, though its entirely possible a theme song might be developed for the credits and such. How and to what extent it will take shape I am not sure but clearly at some point there will be a recording of some music and you can hear it here first! My initial feeling is that it could be quite classical/spanish but again that could change as discussions develop and I try to match the needs of the director/writer. lastly, as I mentioned last time, its 25 years since I began playing or trying to compose songs or music, spanning my school leaving until now, when I'm free of the education world for the first time. A long journey. Music, my own and others', marks every single significant event in my life, and all the insignificant ones too: it is literally the soundtrack to my life. Sometimes music has even dictated my course of action, though not enough. Music has been a constant friend and inspiration; the art form to pour your heart and soul into at the worst as well as the best of times; it documents friendships, relationships, beginning, changing, (and ending, in more cases than is ideal.) So if I have enough time this year I DO plan to make a little celebration of that - 25 years trying to write the perfect song, which thankfully is never achievable, otherwise there would be no point in doing anymore. I'm just not sure how and when to do it, and whether it will be a wonderful evening of music that goes as quickly as it comes, or in recorded form. I'd like to hear a bit of an overview of my work on one disk - so maybe it will be that. It would be nice to hand it to someone who asks "what my style is" - as if I of all people could say!! .

2010 - where did it go? ... 2011 ... ONWARDS!

Hello - I cannot believe its been so long since a myspace update. Tis due to that rival facebook getting all my attention. But I'm having a break from that and re-discovering good old myspace. Well 2010 has been and gone, and with it, musically, the CD/MP3 album "Infinity." Its worth pointing out that this is an utterly engaging album with a real cover to boot and lyrics printed ready for you to admire - all you have to do is smile in electronic form and its yours. You'll find it the most personal album to date. Ever been in love? Ever thought of the place you live, "jeeeez this is a shit hole?", ever looked up at the stars on a clear night?, ever thought about a friend, awwww?, ever been even more in love, so that you'd even ... ("I would do anything for love, and I'll even do that (if you provide the subsequent cleaning agents)!", ever got cheated on by a devious killer by the seaside?, ever seen anyone you love off on a train?, ever found that love has ended but the good bits were FUCKING good?. If so, this album's for you. It could have been written for you alone. Check out "Infinity", "Complete" and "Skyblue" in the widget player thingy here to see what I'm on about! That was my best CD to date. What now?????? Answer: change guitar - poor dear 12-string was getting tired - new black sexay 6 string now - and write 66 minutes of brand new music, probably to be called "The Story". Get a keyboard to do some lovely orchestration. Ever decided love's not such a bad thing after all? - ever done a lot of texting? - ever been on facebook and sent messages to a wall putting on a "public" voice but meaning much sweeter things in code? - ever worked out where you went wrong? - ever celebrated music? - now THIS could be the album for you ....