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I just saw that I can blog here at Reverbnation.. geez.. a girl can barely keep up with all the editions that pop up here and there... and everywhere. I'm supposed to be working on music.. ha! Maybe I should recruit for a volunteer.. Now THERE'S an IDEA..!! ..hmmm...

I recently came back from an adventurous trip to Italy! I LOVE Italy!! I had the pleasure to perform at some nice places, to which all I will return next year. However, I plan to be back there already this summer. More info on this will be posted on my website. On that note.. there's a spring sale of my Organic T-Shirts that you do not want to miss!! So, make sure you visit SofieReed.com

While I prepare for further adventures in Europe, I continue to work on my solo project. I hope to be ready soon, to stomp around at some coffee shops, bars, clubs, streets, your back-yard...

This fall I will be performing around with a band.. more info on this too-who will be posted on my website! I will be appearing as a guest with "The Three Twins" (members of the Subdudes) at the Organic Grant Family Farms in Wellington, CO June 12, 2010. If you are in the area I sure hope to see you there!

OH! While you check out the T-Shirts.. Check out the NEW photos posted at SofieReed.com by the wonderful photographer Gerardina D'Errico!

Let Your Good Vibe Shine! Ciao, Ciao! Sofie

Peter Schaff
Peter Schaff  (over 6 years ago)

Hey Sofie!

I'm trying on Reverb Nation for size, looking for an alternative to MySpace. After shooting themselves in the foot, they seem to be trying to finish the job! They've still got the best music database on the planet, but RN is sure a lot friendlier! More than half of my MS Top Friends are here, but many musicians are bailing MS. RN also has a nice arrangement with facebook. Any thoughts?

- Peter Schaff