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Sands of timelessness

Sands of timelessness: As we move through the winds of time, Breezing across the beach of life, As grains of sand in this shapeless micro-macro molecular experience, We journey not to a destination, but deeper into the journey itself, realizing From inconceivable ancient wisdom, who feels it knows it now, that this now is all there is,,, this now is all there was .... This now , this breeze blowing the grains of sand across this little beach of life, that this beach-life-journey... Is the destination... We are destined to be here now, not any where dwelling in the past ... Or fretting over our future, livin our truth in each moment is The intrinsic nature of our deeper purpose... To live, to love, to make mistakes and awaken to grow, to learn, awake in the dream as the keys turn... Unlocking doors that have always been open to us, open to us if we are open with our selves, as if we feel this unconditional love for our selves, this forever-known interdependence, so that we may feel this for all others--- Aloha ahomataquiase... To all of the unique beautiful grains of sand on the this beach... We are all from the same beach--- Namaste--)


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