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Dana's December Newsletter: Olympia Shows; Cows & Squirrels & Bears, Oh My!

Here's a link to Dana's December newsletter (with color and pictures): http://ymlp.com/zqpmmS Or if you prefer, here's the straight text below:

Howdy Friends and Family, Olympia and Bellingham Concerts I’m looking forward to my concerts in Bellingham and Olympia. I’ll be playing a free show at Village Books in Bellingham on Wednesday, December 1. Then on to Olympia where I’ll play two shows in a row on December 3 and 4 at Traditions Café, one of my favorite places to perform. On Saturday, December 4 at 11am, I’ll also be performing “Drop of Water” at a Water Ceremony at the Capitol Lake in Olympia (details at bottom).

The Ultimate in Bovine, Squirrel & Armed Bear Fashion For the Holidays Searching for the perfect stocking stuffer? Head to the Cows With Guns store http://www.cowswithguns.com/cgi-bin/store.cgi and check out the myriad of odd and wonderful T-shirt designs ranging from “The Raging Red Rodent” to “Support Your Right to Arm Bears” to “I Fought the Lawn & the Lawn Won” to “Homeland Security: Fighting Terrorism Since 1492.” Perfect fashion for any formal or casual occasion.

The Tree Book & At Night They Howl at the Moon: Environmental Songs for Kids Gifts for Kids Ages 0-102

Seeking Videographers in Olympia & Bellingham I’m hoping an amateur videographer (professionals accepted) might like to come film a show in Olympia and/or Bellingham in hopes of getting some good footage for YouTube. We’ll see if I can remember all the words to Cows With Guns when I’m on camera. If you’d like to film one of the shows, please contact Dana at dana@cowswithguns.com. Seeking Videographer to Film “The Tree” in Seattle My friend Missa Marmalstein has choreographed a beautiful sign language dance to my song “The Tree.” She’s taught it to many classes of elementary school students over the years. I’d like to film the performance as well as a short clip on how to teach “The Tree” sign language dance, both to be put up on YouTube. I’m hoping to film in January. If you might like to help video this session, please contact Dana at dana@cowswithguns.com.

Seeking Concerts in Australia & New Zealand I’ve been having a blast talking to friends old and new in Australia and New Zealand over the last month. I’ll be touring Down Under for ten weeks in February, March, and the beginning of April. If you think you might like to organize a house concert (at your home, garden or community hall), a fundraiser for your favorite charity or non-profit, a school environmental education concert, a college concert, or a radio interview, please contact Dana at dana@cowswithguns.com.

Hope to see you at one of the shows.



December 1 (Wednesday) Bellingham, WA 7:00-8:00pm Village Books 1200 - 11th Street Bellingham, WA Price: Free Come on down. Enjoy the free show. Get some holiday shopping done. Eat a cookie. Laugh, clap, sing. Ho Ho Ho. Info: (800) 392-BOOK http://villagebooks.com/

December 3 (Friday) Olympia, WA 8:00pm Traditions Cafe 300 - 5th Avenue SW Olympia, WA Price: $10 adults, $5 students/low income There will also be a second show on Saturday (see below) Info: 360-705-2819 http://www.traditionsFairTrade.com December 4 (Saturday) Olympia, WA 11:00am-12 noon Water Ceremony Capitol Lake 5th and Water Street in front of Traditions Cafe Olympia, WA For more information, contact: 509-669-1549 - Pat Rasmussen ravenredbone@gmail.com - Raven Redbone "Capitol Lake needs to be returned to an estuary and we've been praying for that. So, join us in this prayer as Dana Lyons sing A Drop of Water in person." --Pat Rasmussen December 4 (Saturday) Olympia, WA 8:00pm Traditions Cafe 300 - 5th Avenue SW Olympia, WA Price: $10 adults, $5 students/low income There is also a show on Friday (see above) Info: 360-705-2819 http://www.traditionsFairTrade.com

Dana's May 2010 Newsletter

After a lovely tour of the San Juan Islands and Walla Walla, the fourth leg of the Three Legged Coyote World tour is continuing with more shows in Washington State and finally making it across the border into Oregon for a Portland show on Friday, May 28.

"Our State is a Dumpsite" is back! The Song With a Half Life of 250,000 Years Thanks go out to the US Department of Energy for helping to resurrect my song ‘Our State is a Dumpsite,’ as the US once again tries to make the Hanford Nuclear Reservation here in Washington State into the nation’s largest nuclear waste dump. ‘Dumpsite’ was introduced to be Washington’s State Song back in 1986 when 84% of Washington voters rejected the proposed dump. Some ideas (and songs) don’t seem to die easily, so it looks like we may have to reject the dump again.

“We’re singing here in Washington, the Everglowing State”

Listen to ‘Our State is a Dumpsite’ for free at: http://www.cowswithguns.com/cgi-bin/listen_dumpsite.cgi

Portland Concert, May 28 Casey Neill on Back-Up Guitar I’m honored to have old friend and producer of Three Legged Coyote Casey Neill joining me for the Portland CD release concert. Casey plays guitar on every song on the Three Legged Coyote CD and we’ll be doing a bunch of the tunes from the album at the Portland show.

My concert in Portland is a fundraiser for Heart of America Northwest & Alliance for Democracy, Portland Chapter, two groups that are working to stop the proposed Hanford nuclear dump. There will be information about the nuclear dump situation at the show. The reason Portlanders are concerned is because the site of the proposed nuclear dump is on the Columbia River, which happens to flow through, you guessed it! Portland.


It’s springtime in Bellingham and the sun is shining during a brief break in the rain. Life is good. Hope to see you at one of the shows.



May 22 (Saturday) Olympia, WA 12:00-1:00pm concert and 2:00-3:00pm talk Synergy Sustainable Living Conference Evergreen State College Price: Free Concert will be held in Red Square (rainy day location: library). Evergreen President, Dr. Les Purce, will open. Talk--The Youth Sustainability Movement--will be also be held in Red Square (rainy day location: Lecture Hall 1) At the concert I'll be singing and talking as opposed to the talk where I'll be talking and singing. http://blogs.evergreen.edu/synergy/

May 28 (Friday) Portland, OR Three Legged Coyote CD Release Concert 7:00pm Benefits Protect Portland From Hanford First Unitarian Church of Portland SW 12th Avenue & Salmon Price: $10 ($3 kids) A benefit for Protect Portland From Hanford: Heart of America Northwest & Alliance for Democracy, Portland Chapter Directions: http://www.littleurl.net/f81cd8

June 12 (Saturday) Vashon Island, WA Three Legged Coyote CD Release Concert 4:00pm Open Space for Arts & Community 18870 - 103rd Avenue SW Price: TBA Concert to benefit the Vashon Wilderness Program and Homestead Farm School http://www.vashonwildernessprogram.org/

See my website for my August shows: http://www.cowswithguns.com/calendar.html

Dana's April 2010 Newsletter

Howdy Fans and Friends,

Back to the Land of Hypothermia and Moss: After touring in Hawaii and Florida, sure it was a little difficult to return to endless rain and moss growing out of the crevices of my car in the great Northwest. But as we in the Northwest see it, how does one really appreciate the beauty of life without the silent underlying threat of hypothermia?

Seeking Concerts in the San Juan Islands & the Olympic Peninsula: I’m happy to be playing a bunch more shows in Western Washington and am looking for more on the San Juan Islands and the Olympic Peninsula before heading out to the wider world of Eastern Washington, Oregon, California and beyond. I’m booking one region at a time, based on visiting friends and family, swimming holes, camping opportunities, and where I might find a paycheck. I’m continuing my mantra of touring all seven continents, one county at a time.

Dog on Dr. Demento! My tune “How I Miss Your Dog” (from Three Legged Coyote) received airplay on Dr. Demento last month. Thanks to the good doctor. http://www.drdemento.com/

Appearing on Bob Rivers Twisted Tunes Radio/Web Show on April 13: I’m going to be doing a live interview on comedy DJ Bob Rivers’ Twisted Tunes show on KZOK Rock in Seattle and on the web on April 13. Bob was hugely helpful in sending Cows With Guns around the world to his comedy DJ friends. I’ll be performing with old friend and musician Bruce Harvie. Details below.

Seeking Concerts in Eastern Washington for September: I’m looking forward to performing in Tonasket for World Peace Day on September 18 (had to cancel that show last year due to illness) and am looking to set up additional concerts in Eastern Washington at that time. September is a fine time to tour in Eastern Washington. For that matter, September is a fine time to tour anywhere. If you might be interested in setting up a community concert, house concert, fund raising concert, school concert, songwriting or public speaking workshop, college concert etc. drop me a line at dana@cowswithguns.com.

Hope to see you at one of the shows,



April 10 (Saturday) Children's Museum, Mt. Vernon, WA 2:00pm 550 Cascade Mall Drive Burlington, WA 98233 (located in the south end of Cascade Mall, close to Sears) Price: $10/family suggested donation info: 360-757-8888 www.skagitchildrensmuseum.net

April 10 (Saturday) Snohomish, WA 7:30pm CD Release Concert Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater 1211 - 4th Street Snohomish, WA 98290 Price: $10-20 Info: 360-568-9412 www.thumbnailtheater.com

April 13 (Tuesday) Radio/Web Interview, Bob Rivers of Twisted Tunes 9:30am (Seattle time) KZOK Rock 102.5FM http://kzok.radio.com/shows/ Bob Rivers is the comedy DJ largely responsible for sending Cows With Guns around the world in radioland. I'll be doing a live performance/radio interview accompanied by musician Bruce Harvey. Hope you can listen on the radio or online. 7:30am (Honolulu time) 9:30am (Seattle time) 12:30pm (New York time) 5:30pm (Dublin time) 4:30am April 14 (Sydney time)

April 24 (Saturday) Rexville, WA (near Mt. Vernon) Rexville Grange Corner of Rexville Grange Road & Summers Drive Details to be announced

April 30 (Friday) Waldron Island, WA - tentative Details to be announced

May 1 (Saturday) Lopez Island, WA 6:00pm CD Release Concert & Benefit for Save Fisherman Bay Lopez Center for Community and the Arts (Community Center) 204 Village Road Lopez, WA 98261 Finger food served (yum!) Info: rlbarsh@gmail.com 360-468-2808 http://www.lopezcenter.com/

May 22 (Saturday) Olympia, WA Synergy Sustainable Living Conference Evergreen State College Details to be announced

My New CD: Three Legged Coyote

I’m very happy to announce the release of my new album “Three Legged Coyote.” Very happy indeed.

Finishing An Album is Like Completing Your First Kitchen Remodel: For us musicians, completing a CD is a huge deal. We pour our hearts and fortunes into these musical works scratched into a shiny round piece of plastic. We labor months (for me usually a bit more than twelve for the average album) attempting to do justice to the beautiful little tunes that come from somewhere into our beautiful little brains. We dream of touching people, inspiring people, maybe influencing someone’s life in a way we will never hear about. I feel kind of like I’m graduating from something: maybe on par with completing half of a PhD dissertation or a first time kitchen remodel.

Chained to the Microphone Stand & Not Answering Email for a Year: The main challenge of recording for me (besides spending a ton of money for a year and not having time to earn much) is that I don’t do much communicating with old friends during that time. I have a full year of emails to catch up on. I missed some very important events. For those of you who I haven’t written back to since July of 2008, I apologize. When recording, I find that if I don’t get up every day and hit it for a few hours, the album will never be done.

Produced by Casey Neill: I’m happy to say I love my new album. At the end of the recording process I have to listen to the album ten or so times through in a period of weeks, to watch for electronic glitches, etc. I never get tired of listening to it. I think this is in large part because I had five years of new songs to choose from, and because I was able to work with Casey Neill, who produced the album. Casey and I go way back. He knows me, and he knows my music. I think the musical touches he added to the ones I threw in there really made the songs beautiful. Thank you, Casey.

Cover Photos by Geoff Oliver Bugbee & Design by Bob Paltrow: And thank you to Bob Paltrow who patiently worked with me through several versions of the cover, which came together after Geoff Oliver Bugbee flew out from Louisville, Kentucky to do a photo shoot out in the Columbia River’s Grand Coulee in eastern Washington state. Thanks, Bob and Geoff.

Three Legged Coyote World Tour: I have big plans and dreams for touring. I’m planning on touring most regions of the United States, some regions in Canada (definitely British Columbia), Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Europe, Africa, India, Chile and Japan. And I’ll take invitations to Papua New Guinea, Central Asia, Antarctica. or your neighborhood. I’m starting with my home state of Washington.

Hope to see you out there somewhere on the Three Legged Coyote Tour, which considering the number of places I hope to visit, may go on for a long time.



11/27/09, 10am Children's Concert Pine Shop 302 S 1st Yakima, WA 509-972-3191 $5-$20 per family Info: klolley@gmail.com

11/2709, 7pm Pine Shop 302 S 1st Yakima, WA 509-972-3191 $10-$20 suggested donation Info: klolley@gmail.com

11/28/09, 4pm Ekone Ranch 401 Ekone Rd Goldendale, WA 509-773-4536 http://ekone.org/ $10-$20 suggested donation 6:30pm: Potluck Dinner Directions: http://ekone.org/contact

12/4/09 AND 12/5/09 8:00pm Traditions Cafe 300 5th Ave SW Olympia, WA 360-705-2819 http://www.traditionsFairTrade.com $10, $5 student/low income

1/21/10, 7:30pm - tentative date Roeder Home 2600 Sunset Dr Bellingham, WA $8-12 2/7/10, 12:30pm Kapaa Neighborhood Center 4491 Kou Street (at Kuhio Hwy) Kapaa, Kauai, HI 808-944-8344, http://www.VSH.org Free 2/11/10, 7pm Kaunoa Senior Centre 401 Alakapa Place Paia, Maui, HI 808-944-8344, http://www.VSH.org Free 2/13/10, 7pm McCoy Pavilion Ala Moana Beach Park Honolulu, Oahu HI 808-944-8344, http://www.VSH.org Free 2/25/10, details TBA Portland, OR w/Jim Page Casey Neill on guitar

2/26/10, 9pm w/Casey Neill & The Norway Rats Sam Bonds Garage 407 Blair Rd Eugene, OR http://www.sambonds.com/ $10

Dana Tours Alaska and the Okanogan

- Dana Sings With Grizzlies in Alaska: Concerts in Haines, Skagway and Homer - Peace Day in the Okanogan - New Album ALMOST Done

Howdy Friends and Family,

ALASKA PAN HANDLE TOUR I’m sitting on an airplane bound for Juneau, Alaska. As we took off from Seattle we passed over the mountains of Vancouver Island, gently dusted with the first snow of the season. Spectacular. Coming into the Juneau airport I see endless roadless forests sloping down to the sea. In a couple hours I catch a ferry for a 4.5 hour ride to Haines, which is a small town way up on the Alaskan panhandle. Wilderness activist and old friend Scott Thiele, who works as a guide in Haines, helped set up the show there. His most recent email to me was “Want to go watch grizzlies as soon as you get off the boat?” Sure. Scott tells me there are so many salmon for the grizzlies to eat that they don’t pay any mind to the humans watching. I’ll confirm that in my next newsletter. I hope.

I’ll be playing a concert in Haines on September 11th, and then in Skagway on September 12th, and then performing at the school in Skagway. (More details below.)

PEACE CONCERT IN THE OKANOGAN On September 19th I’ll be performing at a Peace Day celebration in the Okanogan of Eastern Washington, Tonasket to be precise. I look forward to flying the giant peace dove puppets with my friends in the Okanogan and eating from the fine bountiful harvest of that region.

HOMER, ALASKA TOUR Then I’m back on a plane for Homer, Alaska to perform 14 concerts and songwriting workshops for the public and at schools. At the end of the week, on September 26th, I’ll be taking part in a ‘human mosaic’ where hundreds of Homeroids will gather on the beach to create an art piece that will be photographed from the sky. The mosaic will focus on climate change and specifically on reducing coal use. Photographs of the event will be shown at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December.

NEW ALBUM . . . ALMOST I’ve sort of learned not to predict when a new album will arrive, but apparently not totally. My new album, “Three Legged Coyote,” is being mastered this week and the cover is being designed so I am cautiously hopeful (recording Gods and Goddesses willing) that it will be out in November. We shall see.

Hope to see you at one of the shows. It’s a great time of year to visit Alaska! And the Okanogan!


Upcoming Shows:

HAINES, AK Friday, September 11 7:30pm Chilkat Center For The Arts 209 Willard Street Haines, Alaska Price: $15 http://www.chilkatvalleyarts.com/ 907-766-3356

- - -

SKAGWAY, AK Saturday, September 12 7:30pm Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall 5th and Main Skagway, AK Price: $10

- - -

TONASKET, WA Saturday, September 19 7:30-9:30pm Okanogan Peace Festival Community Cultural Center of Tonasket 411 Western Ave Tonasket, WA 98855 Price: $8 Adult, $4 Teen, 12 and under free 509-422-1976 Other festival activities: 2pm Opening Circle, followed by three hours of presentations, songs, etc., and a panel discussion (free) 5pm Veterans for Peace (free) 6pm Peace Family Dinner ($7) 7:30pm Dana’s concert ($8 adult, $4 teen, 12 and under free) http://www.cccoftonasket.org/

- - -

HOMER, AK Tuesday, September 22 7:00-9:00pm Songwriting Workshop Homer Council on the Arts 355 West Pioneer Avenue #100 Homer, AK Price: $12; $10 for arts council members

Bring an instrument that you use to write music on (though you don't have to have one). Also if you have a small recording device, bring that along in case you write a masterpiece that evening.

- - -

HOMER, AK Friday, September 25 TWO shows: 7:00-8:30pm and 9:30-11:00pm Homer Council on the Arts 355 West Pioneer Avenue #100 Homer, AK Price: $12; $10 arts council members