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Chris Byrne on skates?

How's everyone's New Year goin'? Mine is great so far and I hope yours is as well. The holidays were great! I finaally got a chance to get out on the pond in Calgary and play a little hockey. It's been almost five years since I've been on skates and I was shaky for the first while, but skating is in the DNA of every Canadian, eh? When I arrived back in Nashville it was 20 celcius and I was walking around in a t-shirt. Nashville really does have nice weather. All is good on the business front and the Hammers are set to have a ball this year. I love my job. See you all, but not soon enough.


A McCoy Christmas

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, I know I did....our daughter Grace is 17mths old, and although she doesn't know exactly what's going on (neither does her old man to tell the truth) she had a blast opening everyone's gifts....Christmas day I got up before her (a first) and lit up the old tree, (yes Terrine, it's straight this year, no egg nog before noon, ya I got it)....my little lady came strolling down the hall, rubbed her eyes, and let out the biggest squeal and fart at the same time you've ever heard...yup, that's my girl!

After our little family gift exchange, we fired up the the rock n roll mini van and cruised on over to my sis's place for the big family get together...Grace had a bit of a fever, and I guess it got worse over dinner, cause she pulled a Carrie Fisher all over mom's new dress, bummer...but, everyone's cleaned up, and we're all felling better again.....now I have to figure out where to put all these @$#$#%in' stuffed animals!!! How come when you have a baby, people buy your baby, a TOY BABY!!!....it looks like a fertility clinic exploded over here!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and we can't wait to rock into 2008!~

Be safe, God Bless

Jason McCoy