IMPROMPTU presents "THE REACTIVATION SERIES" @ Caribbean Palace 656 Hamilton St. Somerset, NJ 08873 6 45pm sharp!

Hosted by BLACK MOSES usually but Black Moses will be out so JARGON will be our host

Open mic/ CASH PRIZE poetry tangent

*$2 admission/$5 to compete*

A Poetry tangent: Two groups of poets get a topic picked by the crowd to free write about they have 5- 10 minutes to write. The crowd decides which free write they like the best. In the second round the Team who was the favorite has to start their next piece no matter the subject with the last line of the losing team.

"REACTIVATION SERIES" its back better than ever!!!!!!!!!

Jan 19 2009 IMPROMPTU debuted the new and improved poetry series the "REACTIVATION SERIES" due to the success of the summer poetry series. Though there was no feature fun was had by all awesome poetry and awesome food makes a good mix. It's a free open mic every 1ST and 3RD MONDAY @CARIBBEAN PALACE, 656 Hamilton St Somerset, NJ 08873

the show starts 7:30 sharp to secure a spot on the open mic get there early every open mic will be featuring a new poet February 2nd the famous Poetic Assasin will be featured make sure you're there!!!!!!! if you're a poet or you know poets that would like to be featured contact: Impromptupoetry@gmail.com 848 228 1594 or Myspace.com/Impromptupoetry or Facebook search for Impromptu poets


IMPROMPTU presents "Mind Activation" Monday June 16th Come out to the Poetry Tangent Hosted by: Adoniz a unique poetry competition focused on free writing and delivery cash prize for the winner! 7pm @ Caribbean Palace 656 Hamilton St. Somerset, NJ 08873

Cash Prize Poetry Slam Tommorrow!

Impromptu in conjunction with Speaking Through Silence MSU's Poetry slam team will be hosting a slam at Montclair State University's Memorial Auditorium 8:00 get there early if you wish to compete for the cash prize Selah of Impromptu will be hosting the showcase, admission is totally free its for the community to enjoy take advantage! 1 Normal Ave Upper Montclair, NJ 07043

Or So They Say

"OR SO THEY SAY" duet by Charmaine and Jonathan Current mood: amused


The Story was told to me when sun met earth 105 degrees Jersey was hot everybody agreed love was not hiding but shining in one poor boys heart 14 years old with some thick glasses bummy attire getting hallway passes to the nurse an out of breath asthematic whose auto matic response to his counterpart was: (she was his axis I was his axis to his earth to his earth money in his money in his mummy's purse) mummy's purse the words he had made his mouth mumble completely humbled he came with roses, didnt say much he waited for their hearts to touch SHORT, Just too SHORT He had come up short thinkin' he was gon have his way should've known he wasn't gettin no play must have been drinkin' that deep powerfully projected passion that couldn't have been flowin', not enough to get me goin but me..... I had his crush levels HIGH and AMPLIFIED neighborhood wonderin' who am I? had this boy running round tryna please me sure nuff knowin he wasnt the one who was gonna sweep me off my feet had his heart thumpin.... thump thump, thump... had somethin bout me that sent a loveable lull down his spine cuz i contained a powerful potion that only moved to my motion that no one around could waver I was his axis and he worked to my favor he didn't understand this was supply and demand what people said didnt give way too much, I looked one way that way and thats how things stayed OR SO THEY SAY Much love to a newer day UH HUH! To young ladies from around my way Thats right! Gotta say I often when I'm away think of the girls I knew way back when I thought and talked of what girl and if we should meet now what would happen then Would they think im still sippin' sappy puppy love potion? Recently its worn off the crush is now small talk between friends of a time I lost my mind in a unappreciated amount of attention given there was only give no take day after day after sad days full of black clouds and cold rain pain tapped me more then once trying to be hers I became friends with her friend which is not exactly what I wanted, not at all (lol) even when I went away tho we kept in touch day after day it was play by play we knew what was happening to both of us each day she wasnt there but witnessed me making a mark in a young business firm up and coming with perpetual motion We started sayin WHAT POTION? peering into my life she saw me rise with another lady by my side other then her friend came back after some time first person I came to see was my far-away phone a friend I was home again my reli said "look at you, look at you!!" "You're 22 with pretend glasses, real ill and still filled with humbleness, wait till she sees you!!!" And she did Posted up at the mall she saw me lookin he was lookin Crazily tuff Crazily tuff!!!! she said HEY but I wouldn't budge Gave her a look like look I'm with my intended Don't give me no hug

to be continued........