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joseph beggs / Blog

A Diary of Encouragement for Singer /Songwriters Part 6

Joseph, God has given you a beautiful ministry to take His love to those who need to hear. Your songs flow with the compassion of the Saviour's heart. Keep singing, the Lord will continue to open doors for you. Be not afraid or dismayed, He is with you wherever you go. You are in my prayers for strength and grace and that all you need is supplied to go where He would have you to go. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joseph, your songs are simple but pure in heart and love for our Lord. How could your songs NOT touch lives?! You are spot-on about the attacks of Satan! Although hard, it is a measure that you ARE doing what God wants you to do! It's so hard for us humans to be patient sometimes... I experience that feeling all the time, but I have to give myself a reality check and keep telling myself "In God's timing, not mine". I also tell myself that when God opens that door that it's going to be sooooooo good! Keep up the great work and never give up! --- Peace and Blessings,

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Isn't it wonderful to have a store of blessings and sweet messages like that to peruse when the devil is on your back and trying to bring you down? It has to strengthen your faith and courage when you read those. I sat here nodding in agreement as I read many of the statements. No doubt, the fingerprints of God are all over you. So thankful that He drew you to Shoutlife! God richly bless you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Be encouraged. I've been through the same scrutiny. You know what I told the skeptics: "Thanks, but I have to do what the Lord called me to do". Somebody is liking your music, more importantly, someone is being brought closer to God by your music. Don't forget that YOU are brought closer to God by operating in the gift He has given you. Don't let the enemy get any victory in your heart as it relates to your ministry. I will listen to your music when I get a chance. I have heard your heart and I know it longs to finish the course that God has set for you. Be encouraged my brother!

A Diary of Encouragement for Singer /Songwriters Part 5

------------- I listened to your new songs and was very blessed by them. They are wonderful! The Lord has blessed you with a wonderful talent for lifting up His name and encouraging the body, brother. I pray the Lord continues to bless you as you minister for His glory and I pray many, many people will hear your music and be blessed.

Your voice and your music are so soothing and easy to relate to.! They say that less is sometimes better. Playing your guitar and singing (especially the way you sound) is a good thing. People like to have versatility in music. Besides, you are representing Jesus out there and He deserves your best and whatever it takes to do that. Trust me you can sing and play! Congrats on making #1 on the chart! God is always faithful to show us how we are enough even when we think we are not. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was so relaxed after listening to your music and felt total peace. It was wonderful! That is a gift your music is! I so think you are using it in the best way for god's work Just know God will use that song to reach people as it is very touching. Thank-you for writing and sharing it... I am blessed by hearing it! IN Him, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Praise God, things are finally starting to happen here for us! People are listening, being reached, and blessed!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Your words are an inspiration to me and this musician you have here has blessed me more than you will ever know. As I read and listening I felt the hand of God reach down and touch my heart Joseph, What a blessing your songs are! You are truly gifted and the joy of the Lord shines through in all of your amazing and talented songs! May this coming year be filled with many great things, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Joseph, I've been sitting here listening to your music and had to stop by and tell you thank you for all the blessings! Hope you have a GOD filled weekend! Your sister in HIM,

Well that was God ! I was just writing to you and sitting at your page (having a little weep at your music)and your message came onto my page.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, Joseph, I hope all is well with you. I haven't visited for a while, and this is my loss. I just so needed the blessing from your music that I received today.

God bless you and all you do for Him,

Joseph, You and your music bless more souls than you could ever imagine! Keep MAGNIFYING him, with the wonderful blessings HE gave you! God Bless you and your ministry! Hugs! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Joseph, my strong Irish brother:

The Lord has surely called you. How many confirmations do you need? Do not let man's idle words blur you vision that has been given to you by the Father. You are a tremendous anointed talent with a loving and tender heart for the lost and God's people.

Be encouraged and stay in the fight. God needs soldiers of your caliber.

Radical, Bold, Determined - that's you, Joseph!!! We are all cheering you on to victory!!!

A Diary of Encouragement for Singer /Songwriters Part 4

Wonderrful Joseph!! I want to put your CD's in my friend's Christian bookstore! I would love for more people to hear you. I personally am blessed by both your singing and guitar skills. Each song is SO REAL! Such a BLESSING! I pray you get to the USA. I want to be a charter member of the "Get Joe to America Campaign! :) I will continue to pray about you coming to America. I would be very blessed to have one of your CDs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Truly our life is blessed by the pureness of such a gentle but powerful man of God, how most wonderful for you to be our friend. Blessings -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I emailed my friends at Soulfest. Here's a link to their "artist submission" form. Thought you might want to give it a shot. Sure would be great to see you there! Blessings, My first impact was feeling amazingly blessed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just to let you know. Joseph, if you ever think about travelling to the US to perform, please let me know. We have an ENORMOUS Christian 3 day celebration of praise and worship here, well in our neighbouring state. 4 stages, playing continually 24 hours. Thousands of people attend. It's called SoulFest New England. What a blessing it would be to have you there! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am listening now. Both songs are very good. "Count for Christ" has really touched my heart here this morning. "Audience of One" is also very beautiful, but I really think "Count for Christ" must be heard by other believers. The love for Christ you have and your desire to serve Him really comes through as you sing. I believe it will make a huge impact on all those who hear it. Be blessed, brother Thank you so much! I will pray that you receive a recording contract. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What a blessing it would be for MANY people to have access to your music! You are an absolutely blessing! Would LOVE to here more. I just think your songs are beautiful and your voice is a true blessing from God. Thank you so much Joseph -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A Diary of Encouragement for Singer /Songwriters Part 3

I'm crying here. God has truly refined much gold in you. May the Lord bless your ministry in new and exciting ways; that the enemy's locusts in your life today that keep the harvest from being fruitful will be scattered. That as you have been faithful, you will see the harvest you have longed for--family salvations, new venues of worship and an expansion of your gifts. In Yeshua/Jesus Name. Amen and amen.

Toda raba, shalom Sar Shalom(thank you very much and peace from the Prince of Peace), ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I really enjoy visiting your site and listening to your music! There's just something about an acoustic guitar and vocals that really touch the heart. For many years that's all I did. Having a full band is fun, but there are times it has to be just me and my guitar. Love your music!!!! God bless you!!! God gets all the glory. Remember you do not have to be a seasoned guitar player or artist, or elite. You just have to be you, and give your best to God. He can anoint anything He wants to anoint...He can open the ears, hearts and wombs of people , He can use to touch anyone, anyway He wants to, all you have to do is be a willing open vessel that He can use freely. Don't look at the worlds standards at all, they will always fail you, and with God He can take you to heights you have never even dreamed of. You keep encouraged with the Lord Joseph...the words you received is God speaking through His children to your heart...pay attention. It is the purpose God has placed into you before the foundations of this world were even set into place. No other can give you the advice God gives you. Listen and move with Him

A Diary of Encouragement for Singer /Songwriters Part 2

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stay passionate and strong for Him. The Body of Messiah needs your ministry. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I just listened to your rapture song. Powerful song! Thank you so much for telling us about it. We are getting it on the air immediately and making sure it plays often -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

We need to be praying for a way for you to come to America some day to minister. "All things are possible to those who believe." Have a really blessed day and keep singing the song God puts in your heart. God bless you, brother! - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hi Joseph, Hope you have a beautifully blessed weekend. Your music always lifts me and never fails to touch my heart. Thank you for sharing yourself with us here. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Your music is captivating, I love it. God bless and may he lead you to sing His praises on records for His will. Love in Christ, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- May the Lord bless you as you bless so many others through your heart of ministry and song! Thank you for the wonderful gift of music my friend, Lord bless and keep my brother close to your heart dearest Jesus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome! You have beautiful music, may the angels of the Lord come sing with you Your music is beautiful and I thank you for sharing it. In His service. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would love to hear any other new songs you have as it brightens my day to hear your music! I am blown away when you sing and play! Bless you Brother Joseph! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can't quit listening to that song ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Your new songs are beautiful! Wow they all are! I have never heard all of these songs before! You are just so talented! I am one by one listening to all of these songs on this bands site! I didn't khow to find this site before. Thank-you for sharing these songs with me! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Joseph;

Remember never to doubt your ability; God will see you through all things, and man even the closest to you will always let you down. Stick with God and where He is leading you and the road won't be as long. You will be exactly where He wants you and when He wants you there. Stay in His grip 24 / 7, lean on Him only...let all the other stuff around you fall to the wayside. When God plants that seed into you let Him water you fully and you'll be wowed where He takes you Joseph

A Diary of Encouragement for Singer /Songwriters Part 1

A Diary of Encouragement for Singer /Songwriters

I have come across many gifted and annointed singer songwriters who are discouraged by attacks on their calling and ability by family members but who have been hurt even more by the attacks of close Christian friends.

The following is a history of my own journey so far to encourage all who are about to embark on their walk with the Lord in composing and singing their songs gifted to them by the Lord and to know that you are not on your own for I have also come under attack to stop singing and as you read through the following diary of encouragement that has kept me going may it also bless your calling and strengthen you to keep going also.

God bless you and may you always look unto the Lord for he will direct your path if you keep your eyes focused on his glory to be seen and not the worlds.

Keep up your tremendous work. Remember, throughout the bible, God used (and still uses) "small" things to accomplish great works. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Awesome testimony you have. It `s great to see God use talents no matter what anyone or anyone else for that matter thinks. It s all God's glory and He can use it however he wants. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I am sitting here listening to your music and letting the peace of God wash over me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Joseph, Your music touches my heart; I can feel your heart. I also write music. Your ministry is a blessing to all those you come into contact with Your voice exudes the peace of God. There is an anointing on you that soothes the soul. Thank you for being you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

May you continue to be a blessing in all you do for the Lord, Your music is so full of God! What a blessing you are straight from Heaven!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I listened for hours last night to your play list. Praise God for you Joseph

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank You So Much Brother Joseph. I Was just thinking of you and what a blessing you are to the body of Christ. Blessings -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hey Joseph! We are praying for your work in Christ to reach many! Have a blessed week in Him ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joseph, You truly have a heart after God! Your music is simply amazing! Gifted you are indeed! I truly am blessed to know you! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joseph the music is outstanding; I hear the anointing of God through you! Your words are such a glory unto the Lord and blessing to me, thank you so much for gifting me with CD's! Thank you! You are a jewel in the crown of our King! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IJoseph, Where does one even start with the amazing talent and gifts you share with us all! You and your music is a continual blessing in my life! Your music draws me to the One who made us all and loves us so much He gave His only son...on that cross. So... someday we could live forever with him and all of those we love and miss! Thank you for that reminder in the song ''Thorn Upon a Rose''. Thank-you for your generosity & kindness for all you are doing!