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CLIP Fans- Help us get signed to Roadrunner Records!

Hey Guys- Recently CLIP was invited to be a part of a beta program Roadrunner Records has launched. It features bands (they approve) to be publically critiqued and reviewed by fans as well as the A&R reps from roadrunner records themselves. The ultimate prize is a record deal. Our strength is in our fans and with your help, CLIP WILL get to the next level. Please take a moment to create an account at www.roadrunnerrecords.com. This will give you the security clearance you will need to access the secret site listed below. Simply log in, and start rating/reviewing the 3 songs we are showcasing to Roadrunner Records. You can even take things a step further by signing up as a "Scout". If approved you can help Roadrunner find the next big band (aka CLIP haha). Anyway, it's a pretty cool idea. It gets CLIP the exposure we work hard for and it gives you an insider pass to critique the music you love. As of right now there is a fair group of amazing bands being reveiwed, so come check us all out! More importantly though, show us some love and vote for our music! Sign up for a roadrunner account here: http://profile.roadrunnerrecords.com/signup.aspx Login to Roadrunners secret band showcase site here (with the roadrunnerrecords account you created): http://signmeto.roadrunnerrecords.com/ArtistPage.aspx?artistid=12d00bc3-a48d-403f-a212-f745526cb21a&songid=1ce79c44-0562-4e78-9aeb-c681085e74ad THANK YOU!! :horns: -Mike

CLIP Makes Reverb Nation it's new home!

Hi everyone! This is Mike from CLIP. I'm just testing out the blog and trying out all the features of this fine artist community. We're looking forward to meeting a lot of new fans and other artists here on Reverb Nation! Talk to you soon. :horns: -Mike