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FInding Balance

Outside of my family and close friends very few know that I have a congential heart defect, and thus is the reason I do not tour as much as I would like to. The tough part on such endeavors such as journalism, and/or music is not actually the physical nature of the occupations, which one can get around of, but the little stresses that go with it. Whether it's covering a story while ones girlfriend is sick, or driving alone in an uncrowded street after the adulations for the crowd ceases from a gig; such stresses can be tougher on the heart then the travel or performing. But since a song is also a form of communication, I suppose that's what gives me the fuel to write my songs, to communicate to my loved ones that I always think of them, and myself to remember what is most important in life. And thus the balance.

Blog #2

If you like what you hear be sure to download "Brittany You're Beautiful" available through my store as a single.... I have 2 versions and the version that gets the most listens and downloads is the version that I will stick with...

So let me know which version you prefer!!

Thank You Very Much,

Andy John

First Blog on Reverbnation

Memorial Day is almost here and that often means that summertime has unoffically arrived. Be sure to thank a soldier before you start up a grill, or go to a game, as it is first and farmost a day to remember those who sacrificed and continue to sacrifice their lives to protect our freedoms. I want to take this time to thank the new fans and people who have been listening to my music, and it's thanks to you that somehow my meek home recordings have been in the top 20 on the local Michigan charts, which is no easy tasks give that my hometowm of Detroit alone has so many talened artsts.. Thank you for listening and a very Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Andy John