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S.A.D. (A Song A Day)

Creativity can't be forced, but it can be exercised. So - I'm getting in shape. I'll be posting a song every day - raw, rough, acoustic, recorded on my iPhone and previously unheard by the world - here: http://www.jessrocknovak.com/#!asad/cknd In an effort to be completely vulnerable, jump inside my head and heart and see where my songwriting goes every day. First song is up! Here we go...

The Voice!?

Golden and I had the honor of opening for Jessica Childress (of THE VOICE) and Rachel Ann Weiss on Saturday, May 3. Keep an eye out for more big shows throughout the spring and summer. ;)


Check out the new tunes with Master Thieves! "Rat a Tat" and "Hands On" are rockin'!


Kind words

Thanks Mr. Malfitano:

"Jess Novak's inaugural release "Bad Habit" is a solo tour de force, and a masterful CD that presents the work of an accomplished singer-songwriter whose obvious craft as a vocalist and composer reveals and foreshadows not only the great promise of things to come, but also the fully-birthed work of an Artist who's already arrived." ~ Frank Malfitano, Syracuse Area Music Awards (SAMMYS) Founder

Hello, I love you. Can you tell me your name?

I can't even keep up with myself, but I'm trying.

If you're trying to keep up, too, here's the lowdown:

- I'm now jamming with the kick-ass jam machine, Master Thieves, so dig them on Facebook, Reverb, etc. and come get crazy at a show with us.

- I'm also playing with the Shining Star Band, doing a bunch of Jerry tunes and other bad ass grooves (Pointer Sisters - hell yes).

- My solo album (weird) is so painfully close to being finished it hurts...in a good way...I guess.

- Me and the Beards (in one form or another) are keeping ourselves far from bored by exploring new venues all the time (World of Beer, The Ridge) - and returning to our favorites (Ironwood, Trapper's, etc.).

- Aaaaand Chuck and I are still bringing the party to Hanover Square with our Open Mic every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. - so get yo'self down sometime soon!

...Oh yes, and I still write about music every single week in the New Times (and in International Musician, Relix, Making Music Magazine, Haydenfilmsinstitute.org, etc.) so...make like a shovel!