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SO its been a couple of crazy months.. we now have an official drummer .. we have had a couple of practice gigs and a real one.. and still have yet to find the right 3rd for our group..,. though we have had some awesome folks help us out and try out also, in the meantime.. Pictures are coming! gig pics, and some head shots.. nothing special.. we want you guys to like us for the music and nothing else... maybe the sillyness but this isnt about being hard, or over selling it.. its about doing what you love, being free with it, but not letting it go unappreciated.. its about giving people what they want and not shoving it up their asses... its why you wont see any real recordings from us for a while still.. we have lots of work cut out for us.. a lot of the material was just a guy with an old acoustic.. now its , working on timing signatures, and bridges, and adding dynamics and finding the right guy to play a few instruments with us.. and getting tight sound .... and playing what we got for you so far at little gigs and making a little money on the way to keep us going til we are ready to record.. we thank you all for your support.. the listens,.. the play... the comments,and adds... even if you only added us so our fans would see your page on our page and nothing else.. thanks! doing another gig at Pops on march 25th.. its free to watch and hang out! and worth the dough for the drinks and such...


so yeah a good month for the black sheep squad.. we got a long way to go too.. we hope you will stay with us as we voyage into the tedious task of taking acoustic material and turning into full fledged rock n roll .. as you may or may not know,. when you are a solo artist just playing your acoustic and singing along .. its not exactly the same as strapping on your axe and stepping up to the mic with a drummer and bassist and other folks.. all mixing the sound into one harmonious solution.. it takes practice and work, and re writing parts, and i dont even know the half of it yet.. im still learning as we all are.. but i did snag us a bassist.. and am looking for a drummer and others.. wish us a brken leg eh? the faster we find the right people .. the sooner we can put something together to show you ..

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I just thought it might be time to say some things about whats going on with the last couple of live recordings.. The furry walls cover.. the music was actually pretty simple, and the lyrics very catchy and easy to memorize, just fine tuning it as a performance peace in practice.. it will most likely be the last thing i upload that came from a live performance before i begin putting up studio tracks from the "album" of material i am slowly but surely cranking out of my head.. " I wanna stab you " is some vocals and a little bass away from, ready to show, and i got some others started.. this is all coming from a home studio this time.. and ought to be popping some stuff out in the next few months .. until then stay tuned. i got my last live tracks coming soon for this weekend and next week..


ok so.... im working on mind blower of a cover tune called furry walls... i got song down on guitar & just working on memorizing the lyrics.. ill do a demo soon

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Just a quick disclaimer and update.. We are at a VERY early stage of our development here at the Black Sheep Sqaud institute for master bleating .. (pun intended) songs are written drummers are sure of what they are doing.. so it time to fill in the rest of the spots.. bass, keys, and other instruments.. we are not limited to just guitar bass and drums.. so if you are into it and want to jam with us.. bring an old whiskey jug if you can make it sing..! we will be certain of a studio homebase soon, and thus will be holding tryouts sooner. in the meantime. I will keep posting what material i can get recorded live.. and will be posting some new music from our other half very soon as well.. vocals to song missing vocals will be posted in the next month as well.. what else.. oh yeah.. so all of us here who have time invested in writing lyrics, and melodies, and beats, and raising our families up first.. thank you for being apart of the experience and hope you have enjoyed the local flavor side of what he have in store for the future.. like comment or share if you dare.. as always be good or be good at being bad, mr.sin

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SO ... YEAhh,, wtf/? people are wonderful right now i guess.. or the internet has a virus.. or maybe its all of the above.. either way this page has been up a little under a week and we broke the top ten at number 7 today..!!! and i just broke the g string on my acoustic this morning.. i was kinda bummed about the string, but that picked me up well! So here is some new s you can use if you are interested in the future plans of The Mighty Mr.Sin and his Black Sheep Stuff.. I am looking for permanent players for sure.. i have a couple of regular to work with thus far.. but if you are in the Ft Worth Tcu Area.. i am looking for somewhat mature, fun loving rockers to play some jams of mine with ..i have lots of em.. more will be coming soon.. a couple more live posts as soon as i get some more guitar strings, and get back here.. In the meantime.. download what you want if you want.. its all free til i post some fully produced material .. enjoy! and thanks for making me feel special.. even if its a fluke.. especially if its not!


Whatever yo.. its a blog.. get to blogging, bloggy blog blog.. boogers are friendly on tuesday..

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boogers are tasty on tuesday though.