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Working for The Weekend, but Not Loverboy's Way.

I don't what compelled that title......but ....Next Weekend....Fear The State is playing the Frog Pond in Stratford, CT with our good friends in Chaos Theory. Totally looking forward to this, as it's also the first time the band will embrace more covers than originals. Don't get us wrong. We love playing original material, but love the songs we choose to cover just as much. It's what fueled us to play in the first place. We found we have chosen covers for our sets for so long now, we are actually only learning one new song. Tonight we meet to rehearse that song we have never done before. Looking forward to it.

This is one we will definately do on March 9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqzHcKEdT8U&list=UUboIL4maqjImg3DgfF80fCw So there's a sample.

Now...If you need to check out the original material that fuels Fear The State please goto www.youtube.com/fearthestate to get a dose and purchase it at iTunes.

Fear The State 2013

Awe man!!! Here we are in 2013. We have the blizzard, the bills and the band...Fear The State!!! FTS, as we like to say for short, has new music coming out and a new gig agenda...the band is going to do a ton of cover shows in 2013 as well as original shows. We had folks actually recognize us from the covers we do, so we are going to do more. OUR FIRST SHOW OF 2013 is going to be March 9 at The Frog Pond with our boys in CHAOS THEORY. Should be a crazy evening!! So get ready to go!! For those of you who need assistance... here are the steps; 1. Plan 2. ask a friend or 3 3. Show up And let's make a party!!! March 9 at the Frog Pond in Stratford, CT

FTS has new music coming together which is sounding better than anything else the band has done....plus some cover song recordings and new T-Shirts coming for the show. So get your steps down and see you all on march 9!!

And don't forget about The "Wake Another Day" EP that we keep hearing is great from people! We are super excited people like it. Those of you who don't know the record...its 7 songs and was released right before we played the Great Hall with POD in 2012. Go get WAKE ANOTHER DAY by Fear The State at itunes or amazon. GO GET IT (you can also find at youtube for free if you want to just stream that. we could use the support, so if you like it, please buy it. Thanks ;)) See You March 9!

POD Show Wrap, 2 more LIKES please, & Up Our Sleeves!

Hi everyone!!

We recovered from the POD show with Fear The State in Hartford, CT's Great Hall with Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed and Headbanger's Ball's new band JASTA, Dead By Wednesday & Boston's Lansdowne. What a great night!! Thanks to those who got out and supported the band. Thank You! THANK YOU! and thank you to POD for feeding me on the bus...man I was hungry! great guys they are. I'm happy to tell you their song in #1 at Rock Radio and they deserve it. They work hard for it. Also...all our songs are FREE in our music Player right now! FREE DOWNLOADS of FEAR THE STATE's New Music! Please download, listen and let someone else have a taste too. We appreciate you, and so this is how we can show it.

We need 2 more likes to make 808 on our facebook. It would look cool, so if you could like us...that would be awesome.

Coming soon....New Music...but not songs we wrote....Mxing it tonight in the AudioHotel recording studio.

When these go up, the other Free downloads go away...so go get those now...www.FearTheState.com!

Thanks for always supporting Fear The State!

POD Show Update at The Great Hall in Hartford, CT 2MORROW NIGHT

Hi Everyone!

We've been getting a ton of questions about what time we play tomorrow...the answer...WE DON"T KNOW! We'll find out tomorrow. First on the show, the last one to know. It's rock n roll. First off...have you've seen the updated bill of bands? P.O.D., Jasta, Dead By Wednesday, Lansdowne and Us...Fear The State. It's gonna be raging!! You should be there.

This is what we know....All these bands are playing...first band goes on at 7pm. It's at Union Station...in the upstairs hall. You can buy tickets at www.ticketfly.com - You can buy Fear The State music online at iTunes and amazon...Tomorrow we will have $2 EPs for sale and some new T's in color. Come by our merch table or look for our merch girl.

Sunday...Sept 2...We are playing TOADS PLACE in New Haven, CT. It's going to be a Funkfest...so get passes to that at our merch booth tomorrow or get with our merch girl.

August 24&25 Weekend Performances & Last weekend recap!

It's Thursday, August 23, 3012. Tomorrow we head to Pawtucket Rhode Island and play at The MET! It's an All Ages Event and we play with our boys in TESTER! this show was originally supposed to be at BALLS, but they had to close. So we go to the MET! It's also Brett's 23rd Birthday Party!! YEAH! Rockin'!

Line-up for Friday is Tester, Fear The State, Thurkills Vision and Sleeping Gadsby. Such an amazing lineup. Pawtucket Rhode Island might be closed on Saturday due to the destruction.

On Saturday We pull into the Worcestor, MA Raven! This place is a little slice of Worcestor Rock N Roll! Such a great stage at this place and a big rock room. The line-up is Tester, Fear The State, Awakening Biota & Javier and Los Dishdogs. This show is 21+ and will rip your face off! So prepare to be faceless for Sunday's events. Sorry. It's just the way it has to be.

Much love to the crew of people who came out last weekend at the Elm Bar! So amazingly fun it was out of control! I love rock n roll with my friends! it's so great! Elm Bar is small, yet lovely. Almost like old Rudy's. Wait! it is!! Thanks to everyone who came out, especially that last minute jam with Bobby Aces with Jim Dizm of Fear The State. Very cool stuff happens at shows.

Next Thursday...POD & Fear The State in Hartford CT at the Great Hall! Get your tickets at ticketfly.com and don't forget to come early. I have zero details on the show times right now, but I heard there is another band on the bill. So 3 bands for $15...that's a no brainer! ROCK N ROLL!

Don't forget to check out our songs in the Player at www.fearthestate.com and pass along & support if you can by purchasing them on iTunes and Amazon. Thanks for listening. They'll be more.

SHOW With P.O.D. & Many New Dates - Come Out!

Hi All, Fear The State has a great opportunity to perform with P.O.D. on August 30, and we would love for everyone to be there. It's going to be a great show, and we want to celebrate it with everyone! this year makes 8 years we've been a group, so it's a big deal to us. Not to mention, P.O.D. is going to be there. I saw them once in CA at the Slide Bar and they were AMAZING!!!

We also have a bunch of shows coming up. NEW HAVEN, Elm & Toads - Pawtucket, RI's THE MET, & our boy Chris's place The Raven in Worcester, MA with our Brothers in Tester.

Fear The State is playing the Funkfest at Toad's on Sept 2nd at 11pm ALL AGES. That's the 2nd set of the day, as the first set will be at the House of Metal in Waterbury. Come out if you know where it is. Sept 14 we are back at High Noon Saloon in Norwich, CT! Grab the new tunes in the player or on iTunes & amazon (support if you can) coz we want you to sing along! also...the tunes are on youtube.com/fearthestate

Thanks for reading! See you soon! - Marc

p,s, try the question box on the right side...let's see what we can make happen with that.

This Is The First.

Like The old G-Soul Song Title, this is the first Blog on the New Fear The State Revebnation page.

Right now, the finishing touches of the FTS Music Video Worth is underway, and it's coming along timely! Amazing! That never happens. (all you iPhone users, refer to the Murphy's Law Application for this)

The New CD "Against The Ropes" is now being distributed online to the usually suspected retailers...iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster and more. Go check your favorite out and if we aren't there, we'll tell our people to tell their people to make it right. We want to be at your fingertips.

Thank You for spreading the word about the NEW Music! We are really proud of "Against The Ropes" and want to see it go to the masses. We need all the help we can get on this, so Thank You for helping and reading and writing and listening.

C-You soon!!!!!!!!! Marc