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In The Moments Where I Feel Everything At Once...

>>>Wow its been a long time since I've entered a blog entry

Success ain't Cheap!

Today, I am embracing everything that comes my way. The good, the challenging, and the ugly. I try to remember that mediocrity and failure comes free and cheap. But you are going to surely pay for success.

When we awaken every morning, the best inside us desires a connection and an experience with the best things in life. However, a great author I know, Napoleon Hill has always said that you have to be willing to pay for the success you get; it does not come free.

In fact, Hill advises making a personal written statement which includes your specific desires, when you expect to get them, and what price you are willing to pay to acquire everything you want. If you think the last of those is easy, please try it. It is not easy to give up specific comforts that are dear to you but also stand in the way of your prosperity.

So I try to remember that mediocrity and failure comes free. But when everything goes wrong, my things are stolen, work presents insurmountable challenges, my car is indisposed, people become my very adversity, and money becomes scarce, I am happy because these are all of the prices that I will...and that I am at this very moment paying for my success. Enjoy your day.


Music, My Love

This post is relatively short. But it comes to me as a revelation about this thing, which has proclaimed itself a part of me: Music.

Currently, I am faced with writing for an artist that differs from my genre and I am usually comfortable with this. However, when it came to the lyrics, i was stumped for just a bit.

Then it suddenly re-occurred to me that Music is my love and whatever I have to say, she will listen; she will understand it on her terms, and make it her own, giving it back to me like I never imagined. Music never rejects my ideas but simply tries to find the best complement to my every word. I never feel at odds with Music and we can listen to each other for hours upon hours without saying a word. Every day brings a different conversation and new ways to converse; more feelings to express and so many more mediums of articulation. Damn... Music, my love.

So while writing for this artist, I realized that Music is my love and because of our relationship, I could say anything I felt and she would accept it, reinterpret it, and understand what I was trying to say at that. Can you imagine the luxury of communicating this easily with someone, something..but then only having four minutes to do it?

It's in your hands

For the past few days, I have been fighting with the media press company to get the mastering of my music just right. I have a release in a few days but its out of my hands at this point so I wont worry. I must say that in this world, if you do not take your end-game into your own hands, no one will.

So far, I have been meticulous with the quality of this project, performing the main tasks and closely overseeing others where outsourcing was necessary. These days, it is hard to demand excellence. When I say that I mean from others as well as yourself. Think about how difficult it is to get yourself up in the morning. (ok that's my demon), or how hard it is to eat right or act right (only you know what that means for you). Regardless of your personal struggle, its hard y'all.

So it is with me and this project. I have been up almost every night until about 3 or 4 a.m. since the early days of November '13. I've been trying to prove to myself this entire pursuit is possible by perpetually demanding more of my performance and creativity. Then every weekday, I have to get started on my day gig by 8 a.m. But I don't believe i deserve any praise or pity for it. I believe the sincerity in my work is my payment. I listen to my music and although every song may not be the best, I am proud of the effort behind every one. I also believe that it's part of my struggle in wanting more than an average life. And I know everyone wants a "more than average" life down deep within.

So no matter what you want, who you want to be, where you want to go, what you want to do, or why you are determined to get there, I believe you have to do extreme things to get extreme results. Believe in me. I believe in you.

Moving Forward

We cannot underestimate the need for positive influences in our daily lives. No matter the nature of your life goals, it is important that you take the reigns on getting quality and positive information at all times.

In your daily travels, do you ever keep track of the amount of negativity you consume? No one does. However, I assure you that there is a lot no matter who you are or from where you come. Whether it is through low quality TV programs, contact with associates, or through the subliminal stereotypes you can ingest through news stories, you receive it.

Therefore, It is essential to both our short-term goals and our overall purposes that we take the reigns on acquiring quality information and positive messages. That includes information that enhances our knowledge in our particular industry and positive messages that affirm our abilities to continue our purpose.

Recently, I took on the challenge of writing, producing, releasing, promoting, and performing works for my debut CD, "Forever." The things that allowed me to finish, taking me into the next day and helping me continue my belief in myself and my goal were having positive images, people, thoughts, information and messages around me at all times. God Bless.