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Brain-Injured Race

Well I've given all the joy I had to give you Now I'm feeling down and weak I've been shouting for hours on hours But you were never home to hear me

Loosing faith loosing touch That's what you get for modern rush When we sit and groan with no grace We stay one brain-injured race We could have been anything If only you heard your screaming

Running out running out

I've been listening for hours on hours Now I'm feeling down and weak Now we be wanna be understood, well don't we? What we need is understanding

Loosing faith loosing touch That's what you get for modern rush When we sit and groan with no grace We stay one brain-injured race We could have been anything If only you Heard your screaming

I'm going away It's natural to let you down If you let me down

Art of Relax

Heart is pounding A natural black out Not as afraid now Spots are in my eyes Don’t know where I am

Blurring and fainting Feel like I’m bleeding Squeezing tightly Stumbling confusion But I gotta let it go

Staying with me Stumbling deeper Notice the details A way of looking Changing all the time

Not in a hurry In a still frame In a cartoon Hallucinating Zooming in and out

The days are longer now The days are longer now Remember to breathe now In the art of relax

Not Havin' a Blast!

Rev up Get up You're fine Get over whatcha cry for

Programmed cleverness Recorded wit Quick stimulus React automatic

Hysterical twitching Amygdala fidgeting Don't Go go at our pace

Raise You're sluggish flesh Dangle it on prescriptions

The likes are you're Oxygen burning out when Concerned what we think of you But we rarely do

I can't convince everyone In a shuffle of scenes "Get with it quickly" I'm processing Oncoming crash Not havin' a Blast! Not havin' a Blast! It's all too Fast! Not havin' a Blast!

Stuff Gollum back inside Hide him for another Programmed cleverness Recorded wit Quick stimulus React automatic


The storm is done At least for now It’s quiet now My mouth is crumbling to nothing The future's dying At least for now

The wind is showing Tracks of passing moments The Sun around me Melts the fretting of reason The talking dead Sweet and dim in the distance

These memories arise Painful but some are nice In this myth I have finally chosen So now I praise Finally praise

Memories rise Worthy of my time Scene by scene I’m finally living So now I praise Now I pray

The heart I’m redeeming Will leave the fears behind That kept me from my life

El Mago Mysterio

Who are you what is your name? Stand straight for dignity sake You’re lost in broadcasting waves Self-deprecating ways Can’t sweep this under the rug Hunchback we could have been great But you threw it away

The jokes are done away with Tune me in for a quick A quick minute two Tryin to get through to you These talents went unused Hunchback we could have been great But you threw it away

Let’s validate you’re worth Potential value on earth Let’s cultivate every vein And every gem in your brain

We’re not indebted to give Our time to beggars of clicks They’re hangin on all your gifts And giving nothing at all

I am the last living friend The witness in your head All your sisters are sick All your brothers are dead

To start is half the fight We’ve done nothing wrong Until the day that we die This is our song

Slow down my friend slow down The hell with the world Lift all the guilt off your little shoulders

Speak up now what do you need? We’re in dialogue Tell me where do you stand All the desires and plans The source of interest at hand Hunchback we could be great Don’t throw it away

Violence and Daisies

Me and Byron On Violent islands Galloping muse At least it gives me some fruit It drags me where I should move

Spewing feathers Off my mask Facade of cherry blossoms Burnt to a crisp

In a burst of fury I’ll be a hit or miss Petty cells Fall off like dead skin

Damage is done Reveal in fun Spasm anthems Flood gates come undone

Wrecking shame In reckless excess Probing aims Goin the distance

Lonely shadows WIth a trapeze artizan Cigs and swinging We hate reality

Boxing walls Sharpened blows Fall down Explode Freedom calls Let me go Fuck out my way

Idle Snow

My focus penetrates the wind Shipwrecked in bed for a day or ten And the whirling cars And worrying stars Are simply now nonexistent

Wishful thoughts led me out From a devastating crowd But now I'll let them drift away Leaving just an empty moment

Sinking down into my own A sad place I used to know To track a long forgotten person Lost and buried in commotion

Unreachable it can't be shared The broken robot must be aired The armor finally split to grow A hermit idle in the snow

The Catholic Hunchback

God the tricksters and imposters Held me hostage for drinks They guilted me to come Trapped in Charity

Dazed with Seroquel Sick of chillin out Get me out So sorry not what I mean*&t , I mean Well i can't remember anyway

Here's the Catholic Hunchback Barely breathing Here's the Hunchback His body is missing Reachin for the doorway But spiraling further in Just don't feel like myself anymore

We're fallin down the staircase And don't feel the Pain? Concerned with everyone else While everyone's for themselves

My spleen in is in her mouth Rotten tongues in my throat Our traits are tangled here Never built our own homes

Push it down with laughing gas Numb us to defeat There is no Rose to lean on Just suicidal me

Entangled in the lies Terror in my bones My torso can't decide Just don't know where to go


This life I’m leading Pieces fall in unity

My intentions Very well attract The life I need Make my destiny The lives we lead It's your mode of vision

This life I'm leading Desiring fire Is magenetizing

Serendipity Weights heavy on this Life I lead Makes my destiny

This life I'm leading Pieces fall in unity

All the choices Are sculpting The life I lead Makes my destiny The life I lead Catching scattering thoughts In their trajectories

So turn anguish Into Jewelry We can guide the stigmatized To the Sun

Genie you said to me When crushed and broken Runaway So i fell up and rode away

Closer dreams they are almost real Riding slow until the gems unfold

After Bukow in Terror

It’s a sickly pain. It’s terror. In the face of an ugly world It’s anger He’d been running from it,

All he has to fear is loosing a green and golden purpose The Great Ambition

In the face of silly demands Harsh and dizzy moods He moves through the slew of people barely home Unconcerned with much beyond themselves It’s not a temporary state through stress anymore but a permanent way of being now-- Or, he flutters to that 10% left, and scares them all away, regrettably Confidence was botched. Flaws were highlighted Other than the savior dark pride of an obsession And smoke ideals

Is anything said of value? If not, he crawls back into the hole To the Paradise of Sadness Alone like the Beast in repose

But, still he’ll speak for himself To himself Tracking his whole life’s trail for the sake of tracking it A lone pattern of experience Locked in a life to remember Saved in a drawer for later members And go on towards the green and golden purpose The Great Ambition For without that, life is lost

Helpless, but coping somehow Still, eyes roll around in a brief torture at times Self-doubt wears you out It burns you out

It’s the unsettled restless heart pain that forces him to delve in And come back to the surface with a little gem

Then the booze is medicine All the hovering anxieties postponed

Look at him, miserable and unstoppable! Unstoppable because of the Deformity! The strength and endurance! And obsession derived from it But, let this not turn into oblivious grandiosity.