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Never Wait For A Calm Sea

The end always leaves a mark for the new. 2008 was an eventful year - got a promotion at work, started a new business, son turned one year old and discovered/cultivated a new passion.

Two major life lessons I learned this past year are: 1. never wait for a calm sea 2. talk is cheap

6 months ago I was stuck in traffic and had the sudden urge to pull over and write a thought that had come to me. This thought, 25 minutes later, turned out to be 3 verses and the start of one of the most exciting journey's I've ever been on. They say that poetry is a continuous flow of emotion - they're right. Every word that touched the paper felt like it was carefully planted in my heart by a third party. Every song since then has been a very sudden and continuous flow of emotion that came from somewhere very deep within...Being able to write is just the beginning - how was I going to find someone who can manifest the musical composition that was flowing in my head and actually get it out to the masses? The Power of Intention brought unimaginable resources to the table - like my producer DEZERTEAGLE, photographer/designer BARCAD CAMERWORK, graphic designer C-DAWG and many others who have put tremendous effort into this movement.

Thats when I had a realization - talk is cheap and that I should never wait for a calm sea. The sea never stops moving - neither does life. If you want to do something - DO IT NOW...and thats what I will try to implement and carry forward into 2009...

1. never wait for a calm sea 2. talk is cheap