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Ive let go and let God

I stop worry about how peopl would recieve me, I was afarid that if people knew the truth of my situation they wouldnt except me. They wouldnt know longer want to hear what I had to say. So I let go and Let God and people are responding to everything that proceeds out of my mouth. I am honored and blessed and will forever stay humbled.

Dreaming thee impossible

As a child we all had dreams of beging great. Beging the next Oprah, BB King, Arthea Franklin, President Obama etc. Wel why stop dreaming just because we have matured. I wll continue to dream dreamstat seem impossible because that motivates and push me to make them possible. Iam encouraged by faith to succeed and everyday I walk in that faith knowing today is the day that I change something about my life. What are dreams dreams for most are event that havent be brought to past. Or reflections of the past.its the canvas in which the mind creates. I dream past present or future because either I am currently living in have lived it or will live it . All which is still in faith. So I encourage you to dream and live through faith...

Survival of the Fittest

It survival of the fittest in the land that we live in everybody gotta story. We've been living some been dreaming but other wanna sit by and judge. When will we get out of this crabs in a barrel syndrome and mentality and support each other. You dont have to buy anything but leave a kind word, repost something they said, go see the perform at a free event. We refuse to help each other make it because we are scared of the real feeling of success, My biggest success is seeing another young man drafted to the nba, nfl, become a lawyer dr or teacher. When he or she is ordained as a minister,pastor or apostle. Licensed as a deaconess or whatever office they would like to be. That is success. Day to day has it own struggles so a kind word encourages and empowers. David said for I have learn to encourage myself in the lord. Paul writes for I press towards the mark. meaning he's moving forward. ..

in spite of my pain

In spite of my pain I continue to move forward not looking to the side nor behind me. Pressing forward to be the best me that I can be. Motivating my children ,friends ,Peer and etc... In spite of my pain...

Never Given Up

Trying to make my mark in a already man made world is the hardest thing to. As well as get people to follow ur dreams and vision. I am learning everyday that we have to market ourselves. We can go to people expecting them to help us when we cant help ourselves first. So never give up no matter how hard the pressure is getting it will pay off after while...I love it.