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4 every1 participating in 420 today - I brought back the old Blue Knights banga "Let's Go Get Stoned" for this happy occasion - feat. Lui & RAY CHARLES

Listen, Puff, Pass! Enjoy it with your friends

Watch and/or download the Happy Video Slide Show http://www.theshowdoctorwebsite.com

(intended for fun only - not for young or easily offended ears)

feel free to buy the single! 99 cents! If not just enjoy!

V.I.P. (remix) - club banga!

I wanna announce the new banga feat. the Show Doctor and miss Nikole Dior - "V.I.P. (remix)" - spent a good 6 months gettin' this one jussssst right! http://www.theshowdoctorwebsite.com - click on the top right corner to hear the newest song - thanks!


"SHADOW OF DEATH" - gun violence in Toronto Wednesday, April 7, 2010 at 8:03pm feat. Lui and 2WIN WARREA - beat produced by Nevski - I would label this DARK HIP HOP at it's best

Talks about gun violence in Toronto

Some Updates

I know everyone's time is valuable and limited but I hope you're still on board!

I still haven't posted a video blog about my amazing Toronto trip .. I'm currently working on songs with at least 15 different artists which is an amazing feeling, but I managed to upload 5 unreleased pieces of music the other day and here they are!

"Jazz Clarification" - it's about the state of music - and the beat changes in ways that may just blow your mind!

"I Got My Shades On" - a VERY catchy, rhythmically infectious on the ears cruising or club song about well ... it's in the title yo!

"Lost Cause" - Life can just be hard at times.

"Madness" - A single verse for an producer's mixtape.

"Stuntin" - A freestyle track over a commercial beat, belittling the bling addiction in rap.

TOO MUCH INFO? ............ MAYBE!

Vlogs, Songs, and reading galore!"

So the first Video Blog "VLOG" was painfully created and is now available for viewing on youtube as well as the online mag www.soundpollutionmag.com who will be featuring my journeys (pretty cool stuff)

In the past few days I've uploaded 3 new songs (I think 3) and have had my nose deep deep into my books on music.. first book being "This is your brain on Music" which is an awesome book.. and I also got a special gift of 2 HUGE HUGE binders full of articles and research concerning every facet of music imaginable..

Now on top of under 200 more songs to finish for the rest of this year, it looks like I have a pile of reading to do.

What's up, Doc? What, am I doing to myself...


I'm trying to edit my first video blog and damn is my new laptop slow (I got my first laptop, ever, recently, guess it's not cut out for the video editing world)

This is the first time I've ever recorded a video blog even though people have been advising me to do it for years.. I've got no problem being on a stage or a mic booth, but staring into a video camera was a new and somewhat nerve wracking experience for me.

Y'all can be the judge and tell me if I sound like a fool or not when it's uploaded, but to here, youtube and the awesome website www.soundpollutionmag.com which will be following my story.


Today was 2/10/2010!!

HaHa! U know I'm on my 210 grind! Song numba 12 (2 new songs since the last update) just uploaded..

SO many more on the way. Expect it every day for the next little while! New fans pouring in every day, I love it! (don't be scurrred).

Tomorrow I record my first video blog.. YES, I'm a l'il nervous!

2 blog entries in one day??

Who knows.. I might actually start doing this on a regular basis.

I'm starting to feel more comfortable in the fact that I'm working on a ton of music every day, and even have songs lined up to be uploaded every day for the next week at least. I'll need about 34 uploaded by the end of February and I only just uploaded song # 11 tonight.

"DRAGON LOVE" feat. my boys GoldSpade & 2WIN WARREA TRILLAGY. I produced this beat, it's fast, it's intense and it fits the song.. anyone who's ever mashed up the dragon will know exactly what I'm talking about (not to be confused with chasing the dragon, lol)



So what have I been up to this past week ...

Aside from trying to devour my new favourite book "This Is Your Brain On Music" I've been in meetings, jam sessions, coffee shops and of course, the studio.

Yesterday after working for a few hours on an upcoming R&B project I headed out to my buddy's to jam out on the guitar and drums for a few hours and come up with new ideas. It's a reoccurring phenomenon when people realize how many different genres of music I actually love and listen to.

2 days ago I found myself in the studio of a man trying to finish up his Rock/Blues album and what happened is that I'll probably end up helping him set up an online awareness for himself as an artist.

What I need to do is focus more on this upcoming Toronto trip.

But for now, now that I have a lot of new songs lined up.. and I'll be uploading them starting tonight.. most likely one a day for the next little while.. I have a looooot of catching up to do on this project. Still not worried though, the arsenal is strong.

Until next time.

Can I Borrow Ya Ear?

So I re-recorded a track that had come second place in a contest against Dan-E-O back in the day. (Dan-E-O's a sick rapper, but I think the contest was rigged!) It's a community conscious song called "Can I Borrow Ya Ear?" featuring production by Dub J.

I liked what I did with the new mix but it needed a little more so I headed over to my boy Nayles house so he could add some cuts from KRS-One and scratches to the mix.. I really like the final product :)

Time to get to work on February's line up... I'm also dying to have a new version of my website created.. it's killing me!