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new song

working on a new song its showing promise but yet a different style from the last two.this time im putting my style in it kinda like i do for commercial free project but a little more alt and indie riffage lol but i hope it comes out to be one of our best yet :)

new song

got our new song getting recorded its called MUTED CHOIR,so were siked to bring you our second song.this album is gonna be amazing and refreshing .PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS MESSAGES WHAT YOU THINK THANX VENUS SPECTER

poetry part 1

blind ambition lies dorment the sun shines in distant realms the smear of correctness the chill of your kiss as i lay in the dream that has brought me to shore to wake me from the long sleep to fill in the empty vessel the very thing i forgot i had a soul where the sun shines

music update

were posting videos for now.in the nxt couple of weeks we will have our first single ever .Angie Gudino is doing great on vocals and is ready to perform.please check out our videos give us feedback.We will post music up as soon as we can .Thank you for your patience sincerely BAELSPIRE