God Is So Good ! Vision Red Update

We wanna start out by saying thank U Heavenly Father 4 all of your wonderful blessings. U bless us continually and we Love U 4 that. We also want 2 say thank U to all of our awesome fans around the world who support us in our efforts 2 bring Christian Heavy Metal 2 the masses.Since Jeff and I have brought Marc on board we have been rehearsing as often as possible. There is a pretty big distance between us. Him living in Palestine and us in DFW but all seems 2 B working out well. We have a nice set list of 12 songs that we believe will inspire others and get them 2 start asking questions about God and Christ which allows us 2 bring and share His Gospel with them on a face 3 face basis. God has a plan 4 Vision Red. Our 1st ever show together was at The Hard Rock in Dallas. Sweet huh and then we were able to bring The Message 2 the homeless and drug addicts in the projects of Dallas at Maria Luna Park. Our next show was at one of the most recognized clubs in DFW 4 Metal and Hard Rock " The Rail Club" in Ft.Worth. Now We have a show on 10/10/13 In Deep Ellum at The Boiler Room. extra sweet !! Our Father has a schedule for us and we love it. Please continue 2 support us. The best way 2 do that is just share Vision Red with others. Tell them 2 Google "Vision Red" Watch our videos on http://www.youtube.com/VISIONREDROCKSU stop by and like us on http://www.facebook.com/visionredrocks and follow us on http://www.twitter.com/visionred . Another way is 2 come out 2 our live shows and just be involved in the "Vision Red" experience. Our prayer is to come and Rock 4 THE ROCK in your city ! Pray 4 us. We R praying 4 all of u! We love U so much. We want 2 spend eternity with U. Do not fear what man can do to your flesh, rather fear/love and reverence He that has the ability 2 save/destroy your mortal soul. If anyone ever has a Question about starting a relationship with Christ or have any Questions about Vision Red please feel free 2 share them. There is a "ask us a question" block on our reverbnation.com/visionred page just 4 that reason. If U R interested in having a chapter by chapter, verse by verse study of Gods word, we recommend U follow this link shepherdschapel.com God Bless U . Kenny, Marc & Jeff, Vision Red

Thanx for supporting Vision Red

If U have not stopped by and liked us on facebook.com/visionredrocks we wanna encourage U to do so. You can also get your free download of our new song Blood Feast Evolution at reverbnation.com/visionred Thank U so much for being our fan. If U know anyone that U think might dig our music, please tell them about us. If U Google "Vision Red" we have a bunch of cool sites 4 U to check out and share. God Bless ya ! Kenny, Marc & Jeff, Vision Red

Vote for us . We wanna Rock the Gexa !!!

We love our friends and fans ! Y'all R the best ! Thank You Father for each and everyone of them ! Be sure 2 vote and share this with everyone U can ! battleofthebands.com/u/visionred

Vision Red @ The Hard Rock Cafe Dallas

Vision Red is performing in the Hard Rock Rising "Battle of the Bands." Come out and show your support. Admission is free. All ages are welcome. If you have never seen them live now is your chance! What is at stake? A recording contract, a world tour and free gear for the band. Plus a performance before and after a Dallas Stars game at The American Airlines Center. Help make their dreams a reality. Be a part of history. Don't miss Vision Red live at The Hard Rock Cafe Dallas.

Thank U all so much !

The voting is now over 4 the Hard Rock Rising competition. We R awaiting the votes 2 be counted and the winners 2 B announced. We should know by Mon. the 18th. We want 2 thank all of U who supported us and voted. We hope U enjoy our new song "Christian Man". God Bless all of U ! We love U and appreciate U so very much. Our friends and fans R the best on Earth. U proved it Once again ! Thanx so much ! Kenny, Jeff & Marc, Vision Red