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Having fun writing

We just thought we would drop the world a thread and try to describe how much fun we're having creating these tunes for you all. It's been fantastic, and we're sure it will only get better. We're eternally grateful to you all who have been following us, and are just now following us. Thanks to those of you who don't even know about us but are totally gonna dig our music and rock out with us later in life. Okay, well hit us back with questions or comments, whatever. Later

Getting Reverb-erated

Well, this is all kind of new and exciting to us. Being a Blues, Rock-Rap Fusion group, out of the midwest is a little new and exciting too. I think I speak for all of us Involved with Blunt Force, and The Radical Sheep, when I say thank you in advance for your support. We really can not wait to hear back from you!