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What It Do (Bway Verse)

This is one of my favorite pieces of work, all you lame niggas who be takin my flows is retarted at most study the way I do my shit rather than take my sstuff word for word. Look, I do this music thing for the listener so feel free to get a few styles from me, or different concepts cause Im jus real so... Without further ado... Oh yea check out the wordplay, crazy!......... I used 4 movies from G. Clooney in this one and I know it slipped over alotta niggas heads so peep game.

Verse1: For that green stuff, I make that thing bust/ like a porno star, (get cha act cleaned up) and aint fuckin wit chu.... i get cha scene cut/ right out this movie script, (thats you and ya cutie hit) Im on some george clooney shit, send you "far from heaven"/ ya whole hood struck, "good night good luck"/ from "dusk till dawn", i get bucks and im gone/ on my team, "three kings",we ount fuck wit chu pawns/ ya see us Cluctchin them arms, kinda like ushers do/ tucked in my 34 Im feelin kinda comfortable/ hustle all summer long, Then hibernate a month or two/ catch me in the lab, hollin its nuthin and what it do/ drinkin 1800 straight cause Im never mixin shit/ plottin on my next buck, rollin up somethin blue/ then its back to da block, where Im steady grittin it/ niggas step ya hustle game up and keep gettin it/

Unanticipated (Vintage Bway) Another victim of copycat rappers

Me comin in the game was unanticipated (out of no where) where Im take this shit next is sophisticated (sophisticated) Im spittin true life facts while all you niggas hate it(but I ount give a fuck) Even ya miss gone be pissed when a nigga make it(even ya bitch) say what chu say I need energy(Motivation) play it how ya play I need enemies (thats real shit) think what chu think(Think what cha think) so whats the remedy eye for an eye show em the least bit of sympathy

got my back against the wall and my head to the sky Ima ball till fall get bread til I die spread hoes legs open get head while Im high Im the shit in my city nigga dead or alive that nice blow like bagpipe on the lime Im the truth dog so I put my life on a line catch me street cheifin on da k-town skunk other niggas breakdown buds I breakdown stumps killas all around me thatll let tha tre-pound thump if we beefin the club make you a-town stump Im a bully round here this my playground chump keep alotta bags kinda like a greyhound trunk 19 might seem like Im braggin but I aint just lettin ya know if ya think ya go harder that cha cant No subliminals homie and cause Ida brought to ya face If Ida thought ya that you would hate gotta be smart wit what cha say cause Im the hardest in the K

I came in the game(game) niggas left out(out) now the few thats still in feelin left out(damn) Big bro told me stay on the right path(path) and fuck beef dog have a appetite fa cash(geah) now Im on a diet(diet?) tryina lose weight(aw) Its called make sure ya damn revenues is straight(ha ha) niggasll never listen to you till they see da bread so I just take a nigga style but be me instead(thats right) Its sounds ludacris but yeah I disturb the peace Lyrically I paid my dues I deserve a peice I done sold er'thing from codine to weed stumps that made niggas slow down like a speed bump.....(ay) This is my town Im gone keep it, 19 years young nigga its no secret