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Five Piece Line-Up!

Friends, The Devil Blues Band grows every day, sometimes you can see it and sometimes you can't but things are always happening. On Saturday April, 5th you will be able to see how we've grown very clearly and we couldn't be happier about it! We weclome an additional member into the band and even have some other secrets in store for our first show as a five piece Devil Blues Band! Thank you all so much for the support! We love you!

New year, new line-up!

Pretty simple, we've just had our first show of 2014 on January 4th at the Acadia and it was a wonderful success! We performed as two piece as we have been for the last few months but we are very excited to announce that our next show February 7th at Mill City Nights' Nether Bar will feature a brand new four-piece Devil Blues Band line-up!!

It's been a wild couple of months and it would just mean the world to us if all of our old fans and friends would join us in this new adventure!

Mill City Nights (Nether Bar) Friday, Feb 7 $8 | 18+ | 8pm

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Hey bands, what's up? I just wanted to mention real quick that if you are a band that is looking to play more shows, or you are looking to have us on a show feel free to hit us up! We are always looking to play new places and with new friends. HIt us up here or anywhere, we're always down for new adventures and we love playing live anytime Thanks :)

Never has a greater phoenix arisen from the ashes.

2013 marks a brand new start for The Devil Blues Band and we couldn't be more excited about the future. We will plenty more videos uploaded frequently and we will have brand new original music uploaded on this page very soon! Please keep checking back, we'll be updating frequently and your support means everything!

Thanks everyone :) Love, the DBB