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Major conflict can grow out of a minor issue today, making it necessary to tame the flames of aggression if you want to avoid a fight. A high-energy square between macho Mars and bombastic Jupiter gets your temperature rising, delivering the courage to knock on doors and ask for what you want -- even if you were previously refused. Your fierce capacity for selling your ideas may be overwhelming to others, so avoid being overly insistent if you encounter opposition. Knowing when to stop is an admirable skill that greatly improves your chances for success.


Although you may be distracted from your current objective, a highly energized square between insistent Mars and opportunistic Jupiter blasts you forward, even if you're not heading in the right direction. You're passionately driven by strong opinions that could provoke unnecessary clashes now. However, playing the role of an observer changes everything today. Quiet your mind and keep a light hand on the wheel; the road will tell you which way you need to turn to safely reach your destination.


Choices made now are likely to create long-term ripples in your life, especially regarding education plans and travel. The enthusiastic Mars-Jupiter square can be a cosmic catalyst that reminds you to act with patience not with haste. In fact, the bigger the commitment, the more cautious your approach should be now. Nevertheless, paying attention to all the details prevents you from facing discouragement when the outcome doesn't meet your expectations. Containing your excitement enables you to direct it with clear purpose and maximum control.


Loading up on luxuries is a luxury you can't afford now. Nevertheless, taking an emotional risk can be a spontaneous and pleasantly surprising event. However, you must be careful about acting on every whim because the inflationary Mars-Jupiter square encourages you to believe you can get away with just about anything these days. Heightened anxiety may propel you to do something foolish, but don't move too quickly just to impress someone else. Believe it or not, less is more.

For every one

For Everyone: We may be bouncing off walls today, trying to channel the abundant cosmic energy that is calling for action. Or, we might be so overwhelmed with everything that we shift into avoidance mode and pretend that nothing is happening. Either way, the enthusiastic square between impulsive Mars and excessive Jupiter can be the impetus for positive change. Our optimism is further unleashed by the Moon's move into inspirational Sagittarius at 4:26 am EDT.

New Pusha t

Early this morning after I had breakfast, dopeness. Envy drop a new mixtape yall gotta get it. It has Pusha 50, and the real. Some of the VA Emcees need pay the king his homage, due to the fact he paved the way, for all rappers from Va. Dig me my first time on biznis I mite some of the new generation of the rappers down there. Im fromo the north so ovi my accent swag and flow differ but Va is one of those spots that holds hip hop crazy right due to when I get down there I hear a lot of RNB, like I was sayin I was around a group that goin open for Future before what a time time to be alive. we kept in to touch even though some ppl don't want that link goin for really thou. Shout to Tmz, Yet Push hit me with some new new

Watch out!

2 Chainz is dope and has been runnin the scene of the Atl for the longest time. Rip Shawty Lo, remember when Future drop first and the they Future lil 2 chainz. Don't get it f'd up Future crack Af. But back to Titty boi bro was up for Vid of the year, yet Someone took it from him. We not goin crack joke cuz some one said leave it alone but its ok. Have you seen Watch out. The bro needs to holla he needs more appreciation, but I think atl mite be comin back crazy this year.

Lyricist of the Year!

So, Kendrick takes it home. It goes to show the real writer are still here, its great to know that becuz a lot of writers have a hard to conform. This is a sign of hope for the back packer of the this gen of hip hop. My thought is on SZA leavin the the label for reason not concernin me but I think she a great artist with a bright future. Cali has makin a lot moves this year. I would love to see more of LAMAR and TDE. Are we? We just have to wait regardless, is it worth. Yes! Question to the new artist, are you ready for the new wave of the hip hop comin? you should be with out question, I recommend non-stop writin till carpooltunnel lol. Trust the sharper the better always. Any way Cali thanx for givin me a target.

Brad big bro?

What new, see I feel the issues as father goes. I spent three fight that right to raise my son a certain type of way I think it can be heavy. But You guys been together since way back when. 11 years strong I was talkin at the costa rican jump off about longevity. Im just getting used to the light of being and how hard it is? I know women a handle full. The swag I move with came from you but My g stay up, they cutting her deep. Do you think of her or are you me with my vinyls huh? We men you have a family im tryin to Slander you either. But have a good one and relax take it easy?


Yo my sis getting caught up on Piss and shh and pill poppin. Rihanna told me a few days ago pray for Selena, you know me I didn't think about it. You know I was thinkin she pulled up on me (Selena) Her date was in the middle of something I wasn't payin any attention, she looked at me something was wrong. She told me from the door that I had to be nice to ppl. They know not now im readin about this drug problem. She not on drugs trust she mite drink at the most but I don't think it heavy drugs she not Ani?