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Promise Next Track Will Be Ice Cold!

My bar Game on fire... Listen listen... ((( If I throw a lasso around the moon and fucking miss it. The stars is where I land, So Niggaz I still Glisten. I'm the pilot of my ship from begging to fucking ending. So for me its life after death with haylos spinnin... ))))) I am getting my bars up sparring with myself..

Different is not bad. More to like then money and drugs.

I think its sad that some artist want to come on my page and post comments about myself crying .. Because I believe rap artist don't always have to talk about Money ,Drugs and women ..And guns and who they can killed. It gets old all the time. But I also understand that the ones who are doing this most likely don't have a mind frame for nothing more and most likely cant do nothing but that.. Sorry if you skill only allows for that... Please I love you hater/ Haters lol.. But look at your numbers maybe you should try to be different .. And not like every one else..

Still Here!

Love my true fans who are staying down with me. And when you unfriend or decide you are not a fan of what I do after you already became a fan. That's just fake anyway and maybe I did not need you as a fan to began with . God will never unfriend me or reNIg on being a fan of what I do so nothing can hold me down. I create music because its what I love to do. I do it for the real. Period 2015 Real Niggaz & Niggets stand up!

Still Grinding

Real Recognize Real They may not want to acknowledge that it's real but it is , And in the end that is all that matters . Stay true to you and who you are. Real Rap Music is coming back around we all new it had to it has no other place to go. And once it comes back around pick me up my thumb is out. If not I will still keep walking the long road.. Never stop to my real fans thank you for never flip flopping once a fan always a fan ,thats real shit. God bless you guys out there.


Life is a traffic jam, Keep your lights on I do this for God as lone has he is proud of me that is all the matters. And for my have knots Underground music lives in me no lies raw and uncut I have a gift and i will never stop doing what i love. I know they see me pick me up or don't my drive will continue. And to my true fans who dont flip flop i love you guys.. i have not gone still hear and new music comming very soon. Stay tuned

They Trying to Stop Me

I am On the move agian and they cant stand it all my suporters i am calling yall out from the gutta to reverbnation real music yall feel me....keep thumping my shit...


new song called R.I.P Trayvon martin this can be downloaded please do and thump this for trayvon much respect tierney simmons

New Music

Come listen to my new track from the gutta back to revebnation i love yall keep suporting your Man if anybody want to colab i am ready now lets get it much respect www.reverbnation.com/thewatchamcallits

Appreciate all fans and supporters

If it's not to much trouble I would appreciate it if you could stop by my profile and check out my tracks. I renectly loaded 3 new ones. I'm open to any postive or negaive feedback so be sure to leave a comment as well as click the like button and become a fan! I have a new video available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS4NY-iwcTY I you like what you see and hear theres more available about me and to listen to at www.myspace.com/tbascoandwatchamcallits Thank you in advance for your time and support. Hope to hear from you soon! http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/3255685

The spark that tupac said he would spark has been in me

Is time to bring hip hop back to the real under ground is the life or hip hop/rap these artist getting rich and saying nothing they have ran out of words to say...and now we are coming back to the for front....and i will be right her...