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I need more subscribers for my Youtube channel! They won't give you a custom address anymore until you get to 500. Hook me up and send me your links, I will hit you back.

Lodi Video

Just added a new video for my cover of the John Fogerty song Lodi. I found it was a lot more work to do a themed video as apposed to just doing a live shot. Still it was fun and I definitely learned a lot for my next effort.


I'm trying to like people back on Facebook but it makes it easier if you send me a note with your address. Thanks for your support and I want everyone to know that when I like an artist, even if I am just returning the favor, I always listen to their music too. Sometimes a lot :)

5k Fans!

Thank you all who fanned me. I would have never thought a year ago when I started I would have 5000 fans without going on national TV. Maybe this next year I'll do that too!

Social Networks

If anyone follows my Facebook or Twitter, I will do the same in return. Let me know if I missed you somehow and I will add you. Not so much with Twitter, but Facebook only counts a personal account as a like so sometimes I have no idea who that is.

Play Cap

Apparently Reverbnation has decided to cap how many song plays my site gets, or maybe it is a bug. Whatever it is, it sucks ass.

Sunday Morning Hangover

New blues edition coming up this Sunday, March 23rd. Come check us out www.roaddogsradio.com

#1 In Las Vegas

It comes and goes, but I could never do it without the people who become my fans and play my music! Thank you all :)


The 42nd Sunday Morning Hangover Blues Edition podcast is now up and running. You can listen in here www.roaddogsradio.com

Happy New Year!

I'm wishing everyone the best in 2014. May your hands be always outstretched in friendship and never in need.